Recently, someone wrote in to the Chicago Sun-Times with a question about trying to eat healthy with their dentures. The expert responded with a clear answer: if you want to eat healthy with dentures, then you need to get used to putting vegetables into the food processor first.

However, this is not a complete answer. There are denture solutions that let you eat a full range of healthy foods–without putting them in the food processor first.

Eat Great Food with Dentures

Why Traditional Dentures Limit Food Choices

Traditional dentures are just not like your natural teeth when it comes to eating. They aren’t anchored in your jawbone at all. Instead, they depend on suction created between them and your gums to hold the dentures in place.

The amount of suction created depends on how good the seal is with the dentures, and that seal depends on the precise fit of the denture. Because most dentures aren’t fitted well, they don’t create a great seal, and that means they aren’t held in place very well. So that means that the dentures can’t provide a lot of force when it comes to chewing. It also makes it easy for certain foods to work their way under the denture, which disrupts the seal, can cause irritation, and may lead to bad-smelling dentures.

An Alternative to the Food Processor

One way you can overcome these limitations of traditional dentures is by putting all your food in the food processor. The food processor can “masticate,” basically pre-chew, your food for you so you can just eat the ground-up food to make sure that you are still getting a healthy balance of fruits and proteins.

This does help you get the nutrition you need, so that is at least something. It’s a good way to avoid malnutrition, so if you have to resort to it, it’s not a terrible option.

However, it does have several drawbacks, including:

  • Destroys the texture of food
  • Can make food look unappealing
  • Makes foods go bad faster
  • Doesn’t help if you’re eating anywhere but home

For these reasons, most people would prefer to avoid going this route for eating with dentures. Despite the words of the Sun-Times’ experts, there are ways that dentures can be made to allow biting and chewing of even the most difficult foods.

FOY ® Dentures are similar to traditional dentures in some ways. They aren’t necessarily anchored in your jawbone, for example. However, they are different from traditional dentures in that they are fitted so well that they create amazing suction for holding the dentures in. this can greatly expand the foods that you can eat with your dentures, which may even include steak or apples or corn on the cob.

And if you are looking for the maximum effectiveness when it comes to biting and chewing, FOY ® Dentures can adapt easily to become implant dentures. These dentures are truly anchored in your jawbone, which lets them chew almost exactly like natural teeth. There are natural teeth forces, natural teeth motions, and they can feel natural, too.

Eat What You Want, Where You Want

If you resign yourself to processing all your food before you’re eating it, you’re also resigning yourself to doing almost all your eating at home. Social occasions that center on food, including parties with friends, big socialite events, and family dinners, become situations where you have to make excuses to eat separate or just not come.

That’s fine for some people, but if it’s not right for you, we can help. Please contact a local FOY ® Dentures dentist today for an appointment.