I don’t want to mention any names, but you have probably seen their advertisements in newspapers, mailers, and on TV, promising inexpensive, affordable, or even cheap dentures. The goal of these retailers is to make money by promising dentures at a low cost, and giving you even lower value. If you search online, you can usually find reviews that will tell you what to expect, but here are some of the things that we have found people experience at these types of discount denture shops.

an upper denture resting on a hand

Poor Service

In many of these discount denture locations, denture patients are the lowest priority for the office. Denture patients may be made to wait, may be treated rudely, and may find their complaints are ignored or dismissed. Getting dentures is no one’s grand ambition or goal, and to be treated contemptuously when you go to get your dentures can make the entire experience worse.

Two-Faced Service

Another common complaint is that service seems great . . . right up to the point where you sign the contract or make your final payment. Then you see a dramatic change in the way you are treated, resulting in all of the problems above. One of the more common complaints is that people can’t get seen for repairs or refits, which, with the initially poor quality of the dentures is a major problem.

Poorly Fitting Dentures

Proper denture fit is a major challenge in dentistry. It’s so big a challenge that it made me give up fitting dentures for years before deciding I wanted to develop a better way and invent FOY® Dentures. It takes time to do it right, and that’s exactly what cheap denture dentists can’t afford to give you. As a result, patients often end up with poorly fitting dentures. When patients complain about denture fit, they often face the problem of poor service with dentists who claim people just need to get used to dentures or won’t see patients for a refit.

Broken Dentures

Another common problem is that dentures often break early. This is partly due to poor denture fit, but also due to the use of cheap materials and poor construction techniques. When dentures are broken, economy denture dentists may perform inadequate repairs that can impair fit still further, or may even refuse to do repairs, claiming the break is the patient’s fault.

Choose Denture Dentist Carefully

When it comes to choosing your denture dentist, always take care and look at reviews of the dentist. Look for a dentist who offers good service, proper fit, and quality dentures, such as a FOY® Dentures dentist. Find a denture dentist near you today.