This is the time of year when new market reports are coming out. These reports claim to be thoroughly researched analyses of the markets they are considering. In many cases, their conclusions seem probable.

However, a projection of major growth of 7% per year in the denture adhesive market seems unlikely. Here’s why.

Edentulous Population Is Stabilizing

It’s true that America is aging. From 2012 to 2050, it is projected that the number of Americans over the age of 65 will nearly double. However, over that same period, the number of edentulous Americans (those without any teeth) is actually expected to shrink. That’s because generations born around WWII and after have been losing their teeth at much lower rates. The edentulous rate used to be about 5-6% per decade (i.e. 20-24% among 40-49 year-olds), and has now declined to about 1-3% per decade (4-12% among 40-49 year-olds).

Over the short-term, perhaps the next five years, we will likely see a slight growth in the denture market, which may lead to some growth in the denture adhesive market, but not likely very much.

Cheap Dentures Growing

One factor in favor of the denture adhesive market is the growing popularity of cheap dentures made by denture chains. These cheap dentures are often poorly fitted to begin with. As the fit worsens over time, people may have difficulty getting relines from these corporate chains that as a whole practice poor customer service. They may come to lean on denture adhesive as a partial solution.

More Quality Options

However, countering the cheap denture trend is the availability of more quality dentures options. FOY® Dentures is a leading brand among people who want dentures that fit superbly and don’t need denture adhesive.
Another important option for people who want to avoid denture adhesive is implant dentures. Implant dentures are firmly attached in the mouth, even if they’re removable dentures. These don’t need denture adhesive at all.

Even if cheap dentures grow in popularity, so are these other denture options. And since they represent a possibility for people that eliminates the need for denture adhesive, they will strongly dampen the growth of the market.

Denture Adhesive Toxicity Scare

Another obstacle for the denture adhesive market is the lingering stain of the denture adhesive toxicity scare in 2008-2011. There were many documented cases of people developing severe nerve damage after overusing denture adhesive that contains high levels of zinc.

Although many denture creams have been reformulated, people are now more cautious in their use of denture adhesive. If they use it, they are more likely to use denture adhesive sparingly. This will also continue to suppress the growth of the denture adhesive market.

Don’t Support a Failing Market

If you are making decisions about your dentures, you have a choice. You can rely on adhesives like your parents and their parents. Or you can invest in a quality denture that will give you a good quality fit without denture adhesive.

If you decide you want quality dentures, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist.