Among the things we’ve learned from the coronavirus pandemic is that we can’t always count on being able to get new dentures when we want them–or want to get them when we need them. This makes it important to get the most life out of your dentures that you can. So how do you do that?

Here’s how to extend the life of your dentures.

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Start with Quality Dentures

It should go without saying, but in our experience, it bears repeating: cheap dentures are designed to be disposable while quality dentures are built to last.

Cheap dentures might seem inexpensive at first, but many people find that they are more expensive over the long run because they need to be replaced frequently. Many people who buy cheap dentures end up with a drawer full of dentures that they can no longer wear because they’re worn out or broken. Quality dentures, on the other hand, are designed to last for years.

Here’s how FOY® Dentures are built to last. First, the dentures are designed with high tech teeth. Cheap dentures have teeth made of the same plastic as the base material, but FOY® Dentures use attractive, durable high tech for the teeth. This not only makes them more natural in appearance and more durable, but it helps them maintain their edge so you can eat more effectively.

While the base of FOY® Dentures is PMMA, it’s a higher density than is used in traditional dentures. This makes the dentures more resistant to wear and breakage. And it repels stains and odors so your dentures look good for longer, and don’t acquire odors quickly.

Consider Implant Dentures

Implant dentures can last longer than traditional dentures. Because dental implants stimulate the jaw bone, the body doesn’t remove bone, which means that the dentures continue to fit properly, and they aren’t subjected to imbalanced forces that can break dentures.

Properly made implant dentures might need adjustment every 8-10 years (rather than 6-12 months) and may last up to 30 years!

Properly Maintain Dentures

It’s also important to take good care of your dentures if you want to make them last longer. If your dentures are properly fitted, it’s best to wear them all day, and use them for normal eating.

Clean them properly. First, rinse them off as necessary after eating. Debris left under dentures can not only irritate your gums, it can lead to imbalanced forces on the dentures. Food left on your dentures can also lead to staining and odors.

Always use an approved cleaner for your dentures. Don’t use home-made cleaners, such as bleach solutions, alcohol solutions, mouthwash, or sanitizers unless specifically instructed by your dentist or the manufacturer. These can discolor or damage your dentures.

Need Emergency Denture Replacement?

If you are in desperate need of replacement dentures, it’s best to get quality dentures that will give you years of good service. To learn more about quality dentures, please contact a FOY ® Dentures dentist today.