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Neuromuscular Benefits

Most dentures are thought of in static terms. They just sit on your gums. However, FOY® Dentures are designed with the movement of your mouth in mind. They’re designed to take support from your muscles as well as your bones, which helps them stay in place. It also helps them evenly distribute forces on your jawbone.

This has many positive benefits. With traditional dentures, you might experience pressure on the top and sides of the bony ridge that used to support your teeth. Your body is already starting to remove this bone, but this painful pressure can speed up the loss of bone. With FOY® Dentures, you avoid the pressure that leads to denture pain and speeds the loss of bone.
FOY® Dentures also take into account the proper relationship between your jaw, neck, and skull, and encourages a healthy posture. This can help you avoid headaches, neck pain, and more complications that some people experience when they wear dentures.

FOY® Dentures Advantages Over Traditional Dentures

Functional Benefits

The dynamic basis of FOY® Dentures’ design also gives you functional benefits. Traditional dentures come out of your mouth so easily in part because they aren’t designed to accommodate the motions of your mouth like talking, eating, and laughing.

FOY® Dentures improve their fit in two ways. First, a FOY® Dentures dentist carefully uses the latest and best techniques to take impressions of your gums and bones. Second, the dentist also takes impressions of your jaw muscles in motion. This helps make FOY® Dentures more secure and helps them move properly in all these common situations.

Rejuvenation Benefits

The only cosmetic thought that goes into traditional dentures is your smile. Traditional dentures try to give you a basic smile that people hopefully won’t notice or pay attention to. They are not concerned with the proportions of your face. If they think about it at all, they try to replicate the proportions of your face before your teeth were removed.

But with FOY® Dentures, your dentist will take the time to reconstruct the youthful proportions of your face. Because your teeth, bones, and soft tissues all developed together, this creates a more harmonious balance between your features. It helps you look younger, but without the “operated on” look that you can get from plastic surgery.

Are FOY® Dentures Right for You?

If you’re sick of your traditional dentures, we bet the above benefits sound pretty good. Want to learn more about how we achieve these benefits here. Or you can talk to a local Denture Fountain of Youth® dentist today to find out how you can benefit from FOY® Dentures.

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Why FOY® Dentures

While traditional dentures are a popular option for teeth replacement, FOY® Dentures are the only denture that offers you the level of comfort, customization and confidence that you can get with a dental restoration.