FOY® Dentures are more comfortable, function better, and look better than traditional dentures. Traditional dentures are designed to fit in a mouth that sits still. Using neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Strickland has designed dentures that accommodate the muscles, nerves, and other tissues of your mouth as they move. This improves their fit when you are talking, laughing, eating, and smiling.

FOY® Dentures are even designed to support your face better than traditional dentures, which can make you look years younger.

FOY® Dentures can:

  • Evenly distribute denture forces, which may reduce bone loss in the jaw
  • Reduce or eliminate denture pain
  • Improve fit for better speech, chewing, and smiling
  • Reduce jowls, folds, turkey neck, and other signs of aging
  • Eliminate sunken-in appearance caused by dentures

Read more about these benefits below.

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Neuromuscular Benefits

Traditional dentures don’t sit well on the gums, which means they cause uneven pressure on your jawbone. When your body thinks a bone isn’t being used, it will remove that bone, in a process called resorption. Traditional dentures don’t do anything to stop this, but FOY® Dentures distribute the force on your jawbone more evenly, which may slow resorption.

Evenly distributing pressure on the gums can also reduce denture discomfort. Denture discomfort is caused by the excess pressure at some points of your gums, which were never really intended to support the force of chewing. By distributing these forces more evenly, FOY® Dentures can reduce denture pain.

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Functional Benefits

FOY® Dentures are designed to fit a mouth in motion. Traditional dentures are made with a basic impression of your mouth that your dentist will try to adjust manually to account for the way your muscles move. It can be nearly impossible to get this right the way dentists were traditionally taught to make dentures.

FOY® Dentures are made using an impression of your muscles in motion, which means there’s no guesswork about how your muscles move when you’re talking, eating, or smiling—FOY® Dentures are scientifically designed to accommodate them.

Rejuvenation Benefits

Traditional dentures aren’t really designed with your appearance in mind. Often they’re designed using a guess about the proper shape of your smile that has nothing to do with your facial proportions. Other times, they’re designed to mimic the proportions of the teeth that you had before they were removed.

FOY® Dentures are designed to Why FOY<sup>®</sup> Dentures?. Although it can’t completely erase the signs of aging, it can turn back the clock by many years and avoid the sunken-in appearance that traditional dentures give.

You can learn how we accomplish these benefits on this page, or click here to find a FOY® Denture Dentist who can show you how you will benefit.

Why FOY® Dentures

While traditional dentures are a popular option for teeth replacement, FOY® Dentures are the only denture that offers you the level of comfort, customization and confidence that you can get with a dental restoration.

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Advantages Over
Traditional Dentures

There is no comparison to the benefits FOY® Dentures give their wearers. Although economy dentures may be tempting because of their cost-saving factors, the added benefit of having a denture that maintains and supports your face as well as allows you to eat whatever you want is much more appealing than one which leads to jawbone deterioration and an aged appearance.

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