Many people think that dentures only impact your appearance when your mouth is open, whether for smiling, talking, or eating. You certainly don’t want dentures that look fake, but the most significant impact dentures can have on your appearance is often for your overall facial appearance. Here’s how dentures can impact your appearance.

FOY ® Dentures can change your appearance

Denture Height

Your teeth and jaws are the supports that shape the lower third of your face. Your dentures need to reproduce this support exactly to ensure you look like you, and not like someone else in your skin. One of the most crucial ways in which your dentures reproduce the natural structure of your teeth, is in reproducing the proper vertical dimension of your natural teeth.

Many dentists have a problem with this because they don’t have a scientific method of determining the proper height for your dentures. As a result, they typically err on the side of making them too short. This allows your lips to close over your dentures, but it can contribute to an aged appearance, making your cheeks sag. It can also give you a chronically sad or depressed appearance and make it hard for you to really smile.

Denture Placement

Another key issue is where dentures are placed on your alveolar ridge, the ridge that used to support your natural teeth. When dentures aren’t well fitted, dentists are more likely to set dentures so they fit with the teeth interior to the alveolar ridge. This means that your denture teeth are too far back. This leads to a lack of fullness in your mouth, which can cause sunken lips and cheeks that make you look significantly older and less healthy than you are.

Denture Width

When dentures are taken from premade sizes, dentists know that too small dentures just won’t fit. So they err on the side of getting dentures that are too large. This can make your cheeks look puffy instead of sunken. When combined with dentures that are too short, this can definitely make your face look too squat and fat, including the presence of hanging skin and fat under your chin.

Dentures That Are Expertly Fitted

FOY ® Dentures are designed to avoid these problems. They are fitted using neuromuscular dentistry techniques that can read the optimal size for your dentures from your muscles, skin, and other tissues. This not only improves the fit and function of your dentures, it also improves your facial appearance. You’ll look younger, and you’ll look like you, with your natural facial proportions restored.

Are you tired of dentures that change your facial appearance? If so, then FOY ® Dentures are the best choice for you. Please contact a local FOY ® Dentures dentist today for an appointment.