When it comes to denture wearers, there are many people who are content with dentures that have poor or marginal function. But there are many other people who just want more from their dentures. If you’re one of these demanding individuals, then FOY® Dentures can help you get what you want from your dentures.

Type A Personalities

Type A personalities are very demanding of themselves and those around them, so it should come as no surprise that they’re less likely to be satisfied with traditional dentures. Traditional dentures won’t meet your standards because they don’t fulfill the demands you put on them: they fall out of place, require frequent adjustment, and don’t function as natural teeth.

Type A individuals may also be irritated with interference with their productive lives. Dentures can be a significant irritation if they make it hard to speak clearly, chew food, and remain active.

FOY® Dentures can help you find satisfaction with your dentures. They will stay in place better, function better, and help you keep up with your productive life, especially when utilized as implant dentures.


If you’re conscious of your appearance, you may be very unhappy with the results of traditional denture therapy. This is more common among women, but many men are bothered by the appearance of their dentures, too.

The dentures themselves may look unattractive. Teeth may not have the proper luster, they may look fake, and they may stain quickly. The base of the dentures may also have a fake appearance that makes you self-conscious about them.

But you can’t always mask the appearance of dentures by keeping your mouth closed. Dentures can make an impact on your appearance, even with your mouth closed. You may look older than you wish.

FOY® Dentures are designed and manufactured so they won’t look fake. In addition, the neuromuscular design will provide better support for the soft tissues of your face so you maintain a more youthful appearance.

Lack of Acceptance

Psychologists note that losing your teeth can naturally lead to a grieving process, similar to others. You may go through the various stages of grief, often in a nonlinear, recursive pattern, but if you don’t reach a state of acceptance of the loss of your teeth, dentures can be hard to live with.

Traditional dentures are a constant reminder of your lost teeth. They are foreign objects in your mouth that don’t feel, look, or function like natural teeth. You have to take them out for cleaning and sleeping. As artificial simulacra, they only serve to remind you of the teeth you’ve lost.

But FOY® Dentures come as close as possible to replacing what you’ve lost. With dental implants and a hybrid denture setup, you don’t have to remove your dentures. And because FOY® Dentures look and feel like natural teeth, you are more likely to feel comfortable with your dentures and not constantly think about what you’ve lost.

Demand the Best, Demand FOY® Dentures

If you are tired of settling for traditional dentures, we can help you get more from your dentures. Please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist to get started.