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Of course, denture cost is likely one of your main concerns about getting Fountain of Youth Dentures™. How much do FOY® dentures cost?

The actual cost of FOY® Dentures varies with local market factors, and will have to be discussed with your local FOY® Denture dentist. Our company does not set the cost of the Denture Fountain of Youth®. This is set by the dentist who provides the treatment.

However, you should know that FOY® Dentures are billed the same way that traditional dentures are, and therefore the denture cost might be partly covered by dental insurance. In some states, they may even be partially covered by Medicare. Dental financing is also available for people who qualify.

And it’s important to remember that not all denture costs are measured in money. Many people find the benefits of Fountain of Youth Dentures™ make them a very good investment.

Are Fountain of Youth Dentures™ Covered by Dental Insurance

FOY® Dentures are a variation on traditional dentures that meet the essential definition of dentures for the purposes of most dental insurance policies. Most dental insurance will cover all or a defined portion of the denture cost up to a certain limit. Your dentist’s office can help you understand your coverage. It’s important to note that, for a variety of reasons, many dental offices are out of network for all dental insurance companies.

Is There Dental Financing for Fountain of Youth Dentures™?

For people without insurance or those that don’t get enough coverage for their insurance, financing often helps to bridge the gap between your immediate dental needs and your budget. Postponing dental care tends to worsen your condition, so financing denture costs to get it done sooner is often a good investment. With favorable terms like no down payment and no interest for short-term loans, financing may lead to significant savings.

Hidden Costs of Bargain Dentures

Although inexpensive dentures may seem like a bargain at first, they carry many additional costs that make them more expensive than you think.

Replacement Costs: Because economy dentures lead to rapid reduction (resorption) of your jawbone, even if your dentures fit well to begin with, they will quickly lose their fit. You may end up replacing your economy dentures several times over before you replace your Fountain of Youth Dentures™, which have a better fit and minimize resorption.

Health Costs: Poorly fitting dentures lead to poor nutrition. Poor nutrition puts you at risk for many conditions, including osteoporosis, muscle weakness, cardiovascular disease, and pneumonia. An inability to chew has also been linked to increased risk of dementia.

Happiness Costs: People with poorly fitting dentures have a reduced quality of life. They are less happy with their lives and their appearance, and are more likely to avoid social situations.

When you consider these costs, you see that what looked like a bargain may actually end up costing you much more in the long run.
To discuss the costs of FOY® Dentures, please contact a local dentist today to set up an appointment. They will likely need to see you for an appointment.

Why Do Dentists Want To See Me Before They Tell Me What The Cost Is?

This is a common question among patients who are looking for a quote on denture costs. “Why can’t anyone quote me a fee over the phone?” The primary reason is that dental practices have learned that don’t know what they don’t know. The dental practice wants to know several things before they give you a quote for treatment:

  • Are your expectations realistic? – This is a conversation that you need to have with your dentist, and dentists don’t have time to come to the phone. You will need to set up an appointment with the dentist for an exam before your dentist can tell you whether or not your expectations are realistic.
  • Will you require additional treatment – You may need additional treatment such as extractions, dental implants, bone grafting, gum treatment, etc… or you may need none of that. A dentist cannot provide you an all-inclusive quote for treatment without knowing what your treatment needs are.
  • Who you are – Are you a good fit for their practice? Are you a competitor trying to secret shop their practice so they can undercut their fees?

All these things and more prevent most dental practices from feeling good about quoting a fee over the phone. They need to meet with you in person.

Some practices offer complimentary consultations with a treatment coordinator who may be able to give you an estimate after meeting with you, but even then, it won’t be a hard quote that you can truly take to the bank. Ultimately, you’ll need to schedule an exam with the dentist, including x-rays. Yes, this exam will cost money, but it will be a worthwhile investment to know exactly what treatment the dentist recommends, and at that point, you’ll be able to get a hard quote on the denture cost as well as any other treatment that your smile needs.

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Why FOY® Dentures

While traditional dentures are a popular option for teeth replacement, Fountain of Youth Dentures™ are the only denture that offers you the level of comfort, customization and confidence that you can get with a dental restoration.

Advantages Over
Traditional Dentures

There is no comparison to the benefits FOY® Dentures give their wearers. Although economy dentures may be tempting because of their cost-saving factors, the added benefit of having a denture that maintains and supports your face as well as allows you to eat whatever you want is much more appealing than one which leads to jawbone deterioration and an aged appearance.