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Fountain of Youth Dentures® are Worth It

handsome senior man looking into a small mirror looking at his youthful smile with dentures. There are many considerations when choosing what type of dentures are best for you. Fountain of Youth cosmetic dentures offers many benefits over traditional dentures.

  • Long-lasting dentures: If you take care of your FOY® dentures, you can expect them to outlast traditional dentures.
  • More durable: FOY® dentures are made of advanced ceramics. Not only does the material improve their function and appearance, but it makes them more durable than traditional dentures.
  • Secure: FOY® dentures are more secure than traditional dentures because we consider your facial structure and muscles. Neuromuscular dentures are more secure than traditional dentures, which means no slipping when you talk, eat, or laugh.
  • Natural-looking: Fountain of Youth cosmetic dentures look like natural teeth. Instead of spotting your dentures from a mile away, people will wonder how you keep such a beautiful smile.
  • Non-surgical facelift: These neuromuscular dentures provide a youthful appearance because they bring your teeth and jaw back to their original height.
  • Better function: Chewing and biting are easier with FOY® dentures because they’re secure and made of high-quality materials.
  • More comfortable: Because these dentures are designed for you and with movement in mind, they won’t pinch or create sore spots on your gums.
  • Less bone loss: Traditional dentures speed up jawbone loss. FOY® dentures are designed for movement, so they don’t contribute to faster bone loss.
  • Improve health: FOY® dentures improve your physical and mental health by helping instead of hurting.

Fountain of Youth Dentures is the top choice for people looking for comfort, function, beauty, and health. Find a FOY® denture dentist near you.

Does Insurance cover FOY® Dentures?

Each insurance plan is different, but all agree that teeth are necessary for your health, so dentures are usually at least partially covered. However, it’s not uncommon to find that insurance won’t cover the entire cost of even traditional dentures. Check with your insurance provider to find out how much of the denture cost they’ll cover, and work with your FOY® denture dentist to fit Fountain of Youth Dentures into your budget.

Can I Get Financing for My FOY® Dentures?

Absolutely! Many FOY® denture dentists offer financing. Many dental procedures are best done sooner than later, including dentures. Whether getting dentures for the first time or switching to Fountain of Youth Dentures after wearing traditional ones for years, waiting due to cost will speed up your bone loss and prolonge your discomfort. Find a FOY® denture dentist today and get the most comfortable, functional, and youthful-looking dentures.

Traditional Dentures Cost More

While the upfront cost of traditional dentures might look like a bargain, think again. There are hidden costs that negate the upfront savings.

Replacement Cost

Many people who choose traditional dentures end up ditching them shortly for FOY® cosmetic dentures. Traditional dentures don’t give you the youthful appearance you want, and they don’t function as well. They’ll slip, cause whistling when you talk, and generally look and feel like dentures. People choose FOY® because they act and feel like natural teeth.

FOY® dentures are also made of higher quality materials, so they last longer than traditional dentures—as long as you take care of them, of course!

Physical Health Cost

Traditional dentures don’t fit right and aren’t designed for movement. Therefore, they end up causing sores, pinching, and speeding up your jawbone loss. Poor-fitting dentures also cause neck pain and headaches, and your reduced bite force is linked to a shorter life span and a higher risk of falls. Because your bite force is reduced, you’ll also have a harder time eating nutritious food.

Mental Health Cost

Many people who choose traditional dentures are unhappy with them. They don’t look how they were hoping, and this causes people to hide their smiles, avoid social gatherings, and experience an overall decline in happiness and quality of life. These things can take a toll on your mental health.

While traditional dentures may look like the budget option on the surface, the hidden costs make Fountain of Youth Dentures the more affordable choice overall.

Why Don’t Dentists Give Me An Estimate Without An Appointment?

FOY® denture dentists typically don’t give an estimate over the phone without an appointment because Fountain of Youth Dentures are so highly customized and fit specifically to you. They’ll need to see the condition of your mouth and jaws to give you an accurate estimate.

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Why FOY® Dentures

While traditional dentures are a popular option for teeth replacement, Fountain of Youth Dentures™ are the only denture that offers you the level of comfort, customization and confidence that you can get with a dental restoration.