Of course, denture cost is likely one of your main concerns about getting FOY® Dentures. How much do FOY® dentures cost?

The actual cost of FOY® Dentures varies with local market factors, and will have to be discussed with your local FOY® Denture dentist. Our company does not set the cost of the Denture Fountain of Youth®. This is set by the dentist who provides the treatment.

However, you should know that FOY® Dentures are billed the same way that traditional dentures are, and therefore the denture cost might be partly covered by dental insurance. In some states, they may even be partially covered by Medicare. Dental financing is also available for people who qualify.

And it’s important to remember that not all denture costs are measured in money. Many people find the benefits of FOY® Dentures make them a very good investment.

Are FOY® Dentures Covered by Dental Insurance

FOY® Dentures are a variation on traditional dentures that meet the ess