Many denture dentists don’t respect their patients. They assume that someone who wants dentures is someone who didn’t care for their natural teeth and just want a cheap solution to a serious problem. They assume that a denture patient is someone with little self-respect, few ambitions, and is prepared to settle for a mediocre denture.

But FOY® Dentures dentists have a different attitude.

We’re Your Dentist, not Your Judge

We know that denture patients come from all walks of life, and that people lose their teeth for many reasons, and that sometimes even young people need dentures. How you lost your teeth is not our concern, except to the extent that it might help us give you the best possible denture results.

We Know You Want–and Deserve–the Best

Fotolia_64122437_Subscription_Monthly_MJust because you are getting dentures doesn’t mean you’re prepared to settle for less. You want the best dentures, dentures that look great, feel great, and work great. And you deserve it, too–these are the dentures designed to give you back much of what you enjoyed when you had your natural teeth.

You deserve to look your age–or younger–and not have years added on by poorly fitting or poorly designed dentures.

We Know You Have a Full Life

We know that your dentures are just a small but important part of the active lifestyle you enjoy. Your dentures have to be designed to facilitate that active life, and be up for any challenge, whether it’s keeping fit, public speaking, or just showing a gorgeous smile.

FOY® Dentures are designed with your muscles in mind, and this allows them to facilitate many of your daily activities, such as walking, chewing, and many, many more.

We Know You’re Not Easily Satisfied

We know that you have always had high expectations for yourself and for others. We are prepared for you to hold us to a high standard, and prepared to work to meet it. We want you to be satisfied, and we won’t rest until  you are.

We ask you to put us to the test and see if we aren’t able to give you better dentures than you’ve had in the past, perhaps better dentures than you thought were possible. Please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.