In the past, dentists were reluctant to recommend that people have their teeth removed and replaced with dentures. That’s because traditional dentures were so loose that people usually lost much of the function of their natural teeth. It was part of a process of more general decline that stemmed from poor diet, infection risk from poorly cleaned dentures, and increased fall risk because of insecure dentures.

But these days, the balance has changed considerably. With new technology, dentures can be as functional as a set of natural teeth–and more functional than unhealthy teeth. So now, it’s more often recommended that a person with poor teeth should have them removed and replaced with secure, functional dentures.

Are Your Teeth More Trouble Than They’re Worth?

Good Dentures Better Than Loose TeethHow do you know if it’s time to replace your teeth with dentures? The main reasons to keep your teeth is that they can help you chew more effectively and they can maintain your health. If they aren’t doing that, then it’s time to remove them.

Loose teeth aren’t effective at chewing. You don’t have the force to bite or chew hard or tough foods. Painful teeth are also a problem. If your teeth hurt when you bite or chew, you might avoid difficult foods. This means that your loose or painful teeth aren’t helping you to get the nutritious, variable diet that helps promote your health. You may be putting yourself at risk for malnutrition.

And these teeth can be bad for your health. If your teeth are loose because of gum disease or painful because of an infection, they can be a source of serious illness. Heart disease, stroke, autoimmune disorders, even cancer has been linked to poor oral health. If your teeth are in poor health, it’s important to replace them to avoid the dangers of infected teeth and gums.

And if your loose or infected teeth don’t fit together properly, it might affect your balance and strength, just like poorly fitting dentures.

Get Secure Dentures

And when you replace your natural teeth, it’s important to make sure that you are getting a secure replacement option. That way, you can enjoy the health benefits of being able to eat a full range of foods, including raw fruits and vegetables.

Dentures also give you a fresh start with your oral health. You can start over and take better care of your teeth and gums, so you can avoid the dangers of gum disease or infected teeth.

And these dentures will give you good occlusal force that helps you to remain stable and balanced.

For secure dentures, FOY ® Dentures are a great choice. Using neuromuscular science, these dentures are fitted to ensure the optimal fit and ideal occlusion. They stay in place and give you the balanced bite that can help you stay active and fit.

Implant dentures can be even more secure because they are anchored in your jawbone. They can be combined with FOY ® Dentures to give you all the benefits of both treatments.

Are you unhappy with the health or function of your natural teeth? It may be time to get dentures. For dentures that are secure, functional, and beautiful, please contact a local FOY ® Dentures dentist today for an appointment.