“Geri’s Game” is a short film by Pixar Animation Studios, in which an old man plays chess against himself for the ultimate prize: the right to wear the dentures.

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A Desperate Showdown

In “Geri’s Game,” Geri sets up his chess set alone in the park. He plays both sides, but he does more than just move the pieces. When he switches from playing one side to the other, he completely changes character.

When he is playing white he wears his glasses, but when he is playing black, he doesn’t. And when playing black he is a ruthless character, who delights in aggressive moves. When he is playing white, he takes his moves slowly and deliberately, but the black player moves quickly and surely.

Initially, the short shows Geri laboriously moving from side to side, but as the film goes on, the edits become tighter and tighter, so that it seems increasingly as if there really are two people playing. At one point both player’s hands are even in the frame together.

The confident black player quickly gains the advantage until the white player has only his king remaining. The white player then fakes a heart attack, which distracts the black player. White then switches the board around so that the black player is the one left with only his king, and he resigns.

The white player then asks for his prize: the dentures, and when they are handed over, he laughs and smiles broadly.

“Geri’s Game” won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short in 1997, and it is a tensely paced and emotionally deep short film, and its climax gives us a real sense of Geri’s satisfaction at his victory. When he puts the dentures in and smiles, we immediately appreciate how he feels: like a winner.

How Do Your Dentures Make You Feel?

Everybody should feel like Geri when they put in their dentures. You should feel confident, attractive, and satisfied. Your dentures should be comfortable–you should always want to wear them, not look for excuses to take them out. Your dentures should seem like a prize worthy of winning, not just an obligation before you head out the door.

FOY® Dentures are designed to be dentures whose fit and appearance inspire confidence and make you feel good. If your current dentures don’t give you these kinds of positive feelings, perhaps you need a change.

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