Grandparents are very important to children. Not only can they offer unconditional love with less emphasis on discipline, they provide a repository of wisdom that is independent of and greater than that offered by parents.

Unfortunately, with the rise of nuclear families, fewer and fewer kids are spending time with their grandparents. That makes it more important that all grandparents should feel comfortable spending time with grandkids. But traditional dentures can make grandparents too self-conscious to spend time with their grandkids. Fortunately, FOY ® Dentures can give you the confidence to face anyone, including your grandkids.

Do Dentures Keep You from Grandkids

Kids Can Be Observant–and Honest

Kids are wonderful people. They see the world with fresh eyes. They’re always looking and trying to understand what they see. This leads them to speak frankly about things that many people would rather not talk about in polite company.

And this can become a problem when kids see their grandparents’ dentures. Dentures that look unattractive or don’t stay in place can get insensitive comments from kids. And if dentures smell bad or make it hard for a person to talk, kids’ comments can seem downright cruel.

We want to be clear: we’re not blaming kids or think they shouldn’t speak honestly. Nor are we blaming parents who, quick as they can, try to stop kids from speaking so rudely. What we’re really against is terrible dentures that put grandparents in this position in the first place.

Confidence Comes from within

And it’s important to acknowledge that kids likely aren’t telling their grandparents something they don’t already know about their dentures.

Most people with dentures are unhappy with them for exactly the reasons that kids might call them out: poor fit, lack of facial support, fake looking materials, odors, and difficulty speaking are some of the most common complaints people have about their dentures.

Already knowing that their dentures have these problems can keep people with traditional dentures from spending time with all their friends and family, including their grandkids. This doesn’t lead to a healthy life. In fact, it puts some denture wearers at higher risk of becoming homebound and lacking social contact, which can further lead to depression and poor health.

In order to live a fuller, more rewarding life, people need to have confidence in themselves, and that includes their smile, whether that’s natural teeth or dentures.

Dentures That Can Give You Confidence

If you’re looking for dentures that can give you the confidence for any personal encounter, whether it’s with grandkids, old friends, or a new flame, consider FOY ® Dentures.

These dentures look like natural teeth, and their superb fit helps them stay firmly in place. In addition, they support the face to reduce wrinkles, restore the chin, and plump the lips. It rejuvenates like a facelift. In addition, the dense PMMA base resists stains and odors so you can be comfortable getting close.

Nobody should live life limited by dentures. With FOY ® Dentures, you will find you’re much happier to take on the world, and can’t believe that you ever wanted to hide away from it behind closed doors.

To learn more about the benefits of FOY ® Dentures for grandparents and others, please contact a local FOY ® Dentures dentist today.