Our patient Julie has had a long history of dental problems. She has been losing teeth steadily, and at the time of this treatment, she had only 5 teeth remaining on the top and 6 teeth remaining on the bottom. She has a number of dental restorations, including bridges that are being supported by her teeth. But she had no back teeth, and her restorations weren’t providing enough support, and she complained of a sunken-in appearance. We set out to achieve better support for her facial structure with new restorations.

A Careful Procedure

Julie has a history of medical problems, including cardiovascular problems. She has an artificial heart valve and is taking the blood thinner Coumadin. To make sure she was getting the best possible care, we worked with a local oral surgeon who was able to manage complication risks.

We carefully measured the dimensions of her bite, utilizing TENS to ensure that we knew the optimal dimensions for a comfortable, supportive bite. We decided on a complete upper denture, but a removable partial denture for the lower back.

Her new smile was designed according to the best principles of cosmetic dentistry, and we utilized the expertise of Williams Dental Lab to ensure top level workmanship and natural-looking restorations.
FOY Denture Before and After

Achieving Great Results

The care we took in the procedure paid off. Not only were there no complications during the surgical phase, but the final results look great.

Julie’s smile looks amazing, and if you compare the before and after images, you can see the difference the additional support makes. Inadequate support led to extra wrinkles around the mouth, less accentuated cheekbones, and some sunken appearance and wrinkles around the eyes. With the new restorations, the wrinkles around the mouth are reduced, the cheekbones are more visible, and the eyes appear more vibrant and youthful.

Julie was very happy with the results we achieved, and so were we.