One of the problems denture wearers face is the loss of bone from the ridge that used to support the teeth and the jawbone as a whole. Although this affects all denture wearers, poorly fitting dentures can accelerate the problem. And some people may find that they are in a situation where there’s just not enough bone to hold dentures in place.

But even then you don’t have to do without teeth. There are solutions that can give you back a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile.

Rebuilding Your Jawbone

Fotolia_37300749_Subscription_Monthly_MThe first step in restoring your functional bite is restoring your jaw. This can be done much more easily now that in the past. Most commonly, your dentist or oral surgeon will use bone grafts first to build up the jawbone. These bone grafts may be taken from elsewhere in your body or can come from other sources.

This will not only help your jaw support restorations, it will help it to resist fracturing.

Dental Implants

Although we can rebuild your jaw to a great extent, it may never be adequate to provide good support for dentures. In that case, dental implants would be recommended to help secure your dentures in place. This will also stimulate your jawbone and protect against future bone resorption.

Because there’s a lack of bone, your dentist will most commonly use mini dental implants, and often the dentures will still be removable. They’ll need to be removed for normal cleaning, but when you wear them, they’ll be secured with the implants.

Rebuilding Your Appearance

If you’ve lost your teeth and then lost much of your jawbone, the reduced volume of your face can contribute to an aged appearance. Even with dentures, you might run the risk of having a sunken appearance around the mouth.

However, dentures can be designed to make up for the lost volume. FOY® Dentures, in fact, are designed for just this purpose: restoring your face to its natural, youthful proportions. And they can work great with dental implants.

To learn more about your denture options, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist.