When it comes to dentures, you get what you pay for. Cheap dentures look cheap, feel cheap, and can do more harm than good. High end dentures look natural. They feel comfortable. They help support your head, neck, and jaw. They make you look younger and healthier.

But we understand your reluctance. You know what you’re saving when you buy cheap dentures—the money is real to you, but you don’t know what you’re paying for when you buy high-end dentures. Let us explain what you get in return.

You’re Paying for Comfort

In dentures, comfort means customization. The more the dentures are customized to your gums, your mouth, your jaw, and your muscles, the more comfortable it will be. Cheap dentures are customized just to your gums. They come off the rack with standard molds in a few sizes, you just bite into the molded part to press them to your gums. Though these are supposed to fit your gums, because they don’t fit your mouth very well, they can often pinch your gums, which is not only painful, it can speed jawbone loss.

Mid-range dentures can be adjusted in size a bit. Your mouth is measured and dentures are ordered that seem the right size for your mouth. They might feel a little more comfortable on your gums. They won’t pinch as