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Why the Fit Is Worth It

High-end dentures fit correctly. This contributes to all the other benefits we’ll talk about below, but it has another effect: it can save you time.

When it comes to denture fitting, many dentists fitting traditional dentures use an imprecise, old-fashioned fitting method. They often don’t get it right the first time. Then you either have to settle for ill-fitting dentures or go back, again and again, to get properly fitting dentures.

When you invest in high-end dentures, your dentist will make the effort necessary to get it right the first time.

Why the Comfort Is Worth It

High End DenturesLooking around you now, you can probably see many things you’ve bought for comfort. You might be sitting in a comfortable chair. You are likely wearing comfortable clothes with breathable fabrics. You choose clothes that help you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. You might even have a special pillow to help you sleep comfortably.

High-end dentures will likely provide more comfort than almost anything else you buy. Cheap dentures can cause pain nearly all day long. They pinch your gums, slide around to rub your mouth painfully, and create pressure points when you talk, bite, or chew.

High-end dentures fit your mouth correctly. You won’t get hurt by dentures sliding around. They won’t pinch your gums, and they balance forces properly to reduce sores.

High-end dentures also help you feel comfortable smiling in public.

Why the Look Is Worth It

You know the value of style. You wear stylish clothes and stylish shoes. Your watch, jewelry, and hat all have style. You carry stylish accessories, including the right handbag and the right phone. You even drive a car that has style. All of these stylish choices can be undermined by the one accessory you will wear daily, no matter the situation, place, or occasion: dentures.

Cheap dentures look fake. They have the same plastic material in the teeth and gums. The teeth are all the same standard smile given to all cheap denture wearers.

High-end dentures look natural. The pearly whites are made of advanced ceramic materials that make them look like natural teeth. You can choose the shape and style of each tooth.

With a better fit, high-end dentures like FOY® Dentures also rejuvenate your appearance. They provide the proper support that helps reverse the effects of aging.

Why the Function Is Worth It

Cheap dentures will limit your ability to do anything that involves your teeth. This means biting, chewing, and talking will all be impaired. With cheap dentures, you will have to give up eating some foods, and even the foods you still eat will take more time to chew, so you will lose the joy of eating. You will have difficulty speaking clearly and loudly, not to mention the risk that speaking will send your cheap dentures flying.

With high-end dentures like FOY® Dentures, you’ll enjoy better biting and chewing ability. Plus, you’ll be able to speak clearly and confidently, knowing your dentures are in place.

Why Your Health Is Worth It

As we all get older, we realize how vital our health is to everything we do. You might not realize how much of an impact dentures can have on your health.

With cheap dentures, you may experience the consequences of poor fit and function. Some people give up healthy foods and experience poor nutrition. Other people aren’t able to chew food properly and end up with stomach problems, potentially even food impaction that can lead to illness. In addition, you are more likely to swallow poorly fitting cheap dentures.

On the other hand, high-end dentures let you bite and chew normally. You can enjoy all the healthy foods you eat now and will be healthier because you can chew them well.

Your denture fit also affects your ability to enjoy an active lifestyle. Poorly fitting cheap dentures reduce your ability to be active, including walking, running, and performing anything that requires balance and strength. Cheap, poorly fitting dentures can make it harder to get out and stay active. High-end dentures help you maintain strength and balance as you get older.

Live the High Life with High-End Dentures

You have a lot of life still to live. Too much life to suffer through it by settling for the limitations of cheap dentures.

Instead, you can keep living a good life by investing in high-end dentures. To learn more about high-end dentures like FOY® Dentures, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.

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While traditional dentures are a popular option for teeth replacement, FOY® Dentures are the only denture that offers you the level of comfort, customization and confidence that you can get with a dental restoration.