Although they are better than they’ve ever been, dentures are not your natural teeth. As a result, when you get dentures, the shape of your mouth and face will change. Some of these changes are immediate, but others take time to develop.

Dentures Can Be a Positive Change

We’re going to talk about some of the negative changes that can occur with poorly fitted traditional dentures, but first we want to talk about some of the ways dentures can make a positive difference in your mouth.

If you’ve long had bad teeth (or bad dentures), the quality of the Denture Fountain of Youth® will be a pleasant surprise. You will find that your face is restored to its youthful proportions,and you will look younger and healthier than you’ve probably looked in a long time.

You will probably feel the difference, too, as worn teeth and poorly fitted dentures can put your jaw in an uncomfortable position, causing jaw pain, headaches, and other side effects.

With proper fitting and sizing, the additional bulk of dentures will create a more youthful fullness to the face, helping to rejuvenate your appearance. If we can’t make removable dentures that are slim enough to look attractive, implant dentures can be used that can be almost the same size as your natural teeth, creating a remarkably natural appearance.

Immediate Negative Changes in Your Mouth

When you put in your first set of traditional dentures, you will notice that they are different from your natural teeth. Probably what you will be struck by most is how much bigger they are than your natural teeth. They might feel bulky. They may even cause you to gag at first, though most people get used to them.

The change is in both the bottom and the top, but it’s especially pronounced on the top, where the dentures will likely cover your entire upper palate.

The changes that you feel on the inside will be mirrored by visible changes on the outside. Bulky dentures can cause your lips and cheeks to puff out. This can make you look like you’ve gained weight, especially if your dentures aren’t tall enough. If dentures are really poorly made or fitted, they will just look like you have something foreign in your mouth, which you do.

Long-term Changes in Your Mouth

As much as the initial changes in your mouth can be disruptive, the long-term changes are even more significant. Dentures that don’t properly balance the forces in your mouth can cause rapid resorption (loss) of bone in certain areas. Your dentures may also wear out unevenly. The result can be a very imbalanced appearance.

There may also be functional problems in how you speak, chew, even breathe. Your dentures may be uncomfortable not just on your gums, but in your jaw joint, too. As your jaw joint shrinks with time, your cheeks may become sunken and your lips may fold inward.

A Choice of Changes

Dentures can significantly affect the shape and appearance of your mouth, but you have the choice about how they will affect it. If you want to ensure an attractive appearance, then the Denture Fountain of Youth® with dental implants is your best option.

To learn more about preserving the best appearance with your dentures, please contact a local Denture Fountain of Youth® dentist today for an appointment.