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A Neuromuscular Approach to Dentures

Neuromuscular dentistry recognizes that the mouth isn’t made of separate systems, but that all components like teeth, muscles, bones, nerves, and others have to work together. If dentures want to fit and function properly, they work in harmony with the other systems. This is not a static thing: dentures must work in motion, which is why the FOY® Dentures process includes dynamic impressions of your muscles.

Neuromuscular dentistry also helps determine the ideal height of your dentures. Since all your mouth tissues developed together, including the muscles, all a dentist has to be able to do is read the impact of development on these different systems to achieve a comfortable fit and restore your youthful proportions.

A Cosmetic Approach to Dentures

FOY (FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH) DENTURES: How Do They Work?From the start, FOY® Dentures are designed to be the best cosmetic dentures you can find. They are based on longstanding principles of proportion and beauty. But unlike traditional dentures, FOY® Dentures aren’t all the same. Instead, the basic principles are applied in a custom way for each individual, giving a customized smile that uniquely matches your natural face shape and personality.

Part of this effect is to rejuvenate your face by restoring its youthful proportions. FOY® Dentures match the proper balance in your face between teeth and bones, and this reduces or eliminates many signs of facial aging like jowls, wrinkles, and turkey neck.

For traditional dentures, appearance is a secondary concern. The dentures are fitted to you—they aren’t designed for you. Standard design and cheap materials mean that you might be unhappy with the appearance of your face and smile after getting dentures.

Traditional dentures also make you look older because they are unstable. Not only do they fall out at the wrong times, but they also have to be designed to deal with the instability by moving your teeth in toward your tongue, which can give you a sunken-in appearance. The stability of FOY® Dentures means they can move outward, eliminating the sunken look.

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Why choose FOY®?

While traditional dentures are a popular option for teeth replacement, FOY® Dentures are the only denture that offers you the level of comfort, customization and confidence that you can get with a dental restoration.

Advantages Over
Traditional Dentures

There is no comparison to the benefits Fountain of Youth Dentures™ give their wearers. Although economy dentures may be tempting because of their cost-saving factors, the added benefit of having a denture that maintains and supports your face as well as allows you to eat whatever you want is much more appealing than one which leads to jawbone deterioration and an aged appearance.