Unfortunately, one of the many effects of the coronavirus pandemic is that more older people are making visits to the hospital. While this might be the best option for treating COVID-19, it can have some negative side effects, such as losing one’s dentures. 

In fact, the hospital is the place where people lose their dentures most often, after the home. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some strategies that can help reduce the risk of losing dentures at the hospital. 

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Mark Dentures

It’s a good idea to make sure your dentures have identifying marks on them. This can not only help you figure out which dentures are yours, they can also help someone get your dentures back to you if they find them. 

It’s best if the mark is included in the dentures when they’re made, but if you talk to your dentist, they can add an identifier that will make your dentures distinct.

Wear Dentures Most of the Time

This is just good advice all around. The more time dentures are in your mouth, the less time they are at risk of being misplaced. 

One of the most common times people remove their dentures is when they eat. This can often lead to lost dentures at the hospital. The dentures get left on the tray, and the orderly or nurse removes the tray, not noticing the dentures, which then end up in the trash. Dentures you can eat in are very valuable for this reason. 

Talk to Staff about Dentures

When you or a loved one enters the hospital, it’s important that somebody talks to the staff about dentures. Make sure they know about the dentures and, ideally, that they record them in writing or on their tablet, depending on the procedures at the hospital. 

This isn’t just an issue for making sure dentures get lost. It can cause problems if the staff has to intubate in preparation for being put on a ventilator. Dentures can get broken or dislodged and forced down the throat during intubation

Provide a Case

A denture case is a useful tool to help you avoid losing your dentures. It gives you a place to put your dentures when you’re not wearing them that is safer. They’re less likely to get knocked on the floor and break. They’re also less likely to get swept into the trash if they’re in a case. Mark the denture case with identifying information.

Plus, a case becomes a visual reminder about the dentures, helping staff to remember that they need to check for dentures. 

Have You Lost Your Dentures?

Unfortunately, if you didn’t use the above strategies, or if they weren’t enough, you might have lost your dentures at a hospital. Consider getting quality replacement dentures that look natural and are comfortable enough to wear all day, even while eating. FOY ® Dentures are quality dentures for appearance, function, and comfort. 

To learn more, contact a local FOY ® Dentures dentist today.