For many dentists, dentures are an afterthought, something that marks the failure of dentistry because patients have previously lost all their teeth. And, with the advent of dental implants, many dentists think that they don’t have to worry about dentures anymore (even though implants need dentures, too). This causes dentists to neglect their denture skills and may not treat denture patients and other patients.

If a dentist doesn’t care about dentures or denture patients, you’re more likely to get poor care, especially follow-up care for adjustments. But some dentists out there still care about dentures and denture patients. Here are some tips for finding the best dentist for dentures:

Reputable Dentist

senior smiling with teeth leaning on caneFirst of all, make sure you are choosing a reputable dentist. You can check this in several ways. First, look at online reviews. While any dentist working for a while can have a few bad reviews, some dentists have overwhelmingly negative reviews. You want to avoid these dentists.

Next, you can check with your state dental board. You can usually access the dental license of any dentist online. Often, you can also see if a dentist has any outstanding complaints because of the quality or ethics of their practice. Some dentists may have numerous complaints against them, and you’ll want to steer clear of them.

You can also look for possible complaints against a dentist with your local Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Finally, you should check a dentist’s social media accounts. Aggrieved patients who feel they aren’t getting heard elsewhere will go to these pages to vent. Just the existence of a single angry patient (who might make fake accounts to appear as more) shouldn’t be enough to disqualify a dentist. Instead, check how the dentist responds to complaints. If they respond professionally and other patients rally to their defense, it’s likely not a cause for concern–if the dentist doesn’t also have complaints at the dental board or BBB sites.

Investment in Additional Training

One of the first signs that a dentist cares about dentures is that they have taken additional training to perform the procedure properly. We believe that Denture Fountain of Youth® dentists are the best, but there are other courses out there that can help dentists get better at their craft.

If you don’t see any of this type of training, then it’s likely the dentist hasn’t taken the time to learn how to become a better denture dentist, and they’re just working with the knowledge they got in dental school, where dentures are barely touched on.

Not Necessarily a Prosthodontist

A prosthodontist is a dental professional trained in making dental restorations, all forms of “false teeth,” including dentures. You can choose a prosthodontist for your dentures. However, general dentists might also be highly skilled at making dentures. Prosthodontists might also not focus heavily on making dentures. They might also think that making dentures is of secondary importance, so their training and practice might focus on other types of dental prostheses, like dental implants, dental crowns, dental bridges, and more.

Consider working with a prosthodontist, but ask them the same questions you ask any denture dentist you’re considering.

Not “Cheap” Dentures

A dentist who advertises cheap dentures doesn’t care about dentures. He cares about money and assumes that’s all that matters to you. Instead, a dentist who cares about dentures will focus on aspects of the quality of dentures, such as their appearance, fit, and function. They may mention affordability. An affordable denture is not the same as a cheap denture. However, cost should be secondary to ensuring your dentures fit and function properly.

Before and After Pictures

Next, look for before and after images of denture patients on the site. Any dentist who is proud of their work with denture patients will be collecting images of the dentures cases they’ve done in the past. Dentists who offer high-end dentures are more likely to be proud of their work. These cosmetic dentures look better, and their patients tend to be happier with their results, making it easier to get their permission to share pictures.

In most cases, you should be able to see these on the website, but sometimes you might have to go into the office to see all their most recent cases.

Ask the Dentist

Finally, make sure you ask the dentist how they feel about dentures and gauge their response. If they’re excited about doing denture cases, ask them why. If you feel that this is a dentist who truly loves doing dentures and is excited to be doing them, they might be a good choice for you.

If you are looking to pick a good dentist that cares about dentures, please contact a local Denture Fountain of Youth® dentist today.