Dental implants can last a lifetime–50 years and more. Not so implant dentures. However, making the right choices can make your implant dentures last longer, perhaps even 30 years.

But there’s no guarantee. Dental implants can put more stress on dentures and can cause them to wear out faster if you’re not careful. Here are some tips to help you get the most of your implant dentures.

Happy older couple making their marriage last - just like their implant dentures

Quality Dentures Last Longer

It’s important to get the right start for your implant dentures if you want them to last. The best way to do that is to choose high-quality denture materials.

Many dentures are made out of just PMMA, which can wear down quickly, especially under the bite force provided by dental implants. That means you should pick dentures that have high tech materials, especially high tech teeth. High tech teeth not only look like natural teeth, they are highly durable and resist wear. FOY ® Dentures utilize very attractive and very durable high tech teeth to help them last longer.

Better Planning Leads to Better Results

Implant dentures are a complex process that benefits from detailed planning. Planning should include the dental implant placement and orientation, but should also include the dentures themselves, as well as a focus on the bite as a whole.

FOY ® Dentures dentists know it’s not enough to simply fit your dentures to your gums–dentures need to be fitted to your bite and your face. Taking a comprehensive approach that includes numerous bite measurements leads to a better fit between the jaw, the implants, and the denture. This can extend the life of the implant dentures.

Good Hygiene Preserves Dentures

Your FOY ® Dentures dentist can give you a great start, but then it becomes your responsibility to make sure that you’re making the most of that start. One important thing for taking care of your implant dentures is good oral hygiene.

When implant dentures create a good seal with your gums so that food doesn’t get underneath them, you don’t have to remove them for cleaning after every meal. Instead, you can just remove them for cleaning at night, when a good soak is recommended after a thorough cleaning. But if you do notice that you are getting food under your dentures, then you should remove them for cleaning after every meal. .

Regular Dental Visits Prevent Problems

Dental implants are very much like natural teeth and need the same care from a dentist. If you want your implant dentures to last, you have to make regular dental checkups to make sure they stay healthy.

Unless your dentist tells you otherwise, it should be enough to keep to your regular dental checkup schedule: visit every six months. Dental implants can build up tartar deposits just like natural teeth, and they can develop gum disease. Regular checkups let your dentist stay ahead of problems with  your implants or dentures.

Reline Dentures to Preserve Fit

Good denture fit is essential to long life for your implant dentures. Proper fit helps to keep food from getting under the denture, which can cause odors and irritation. It also helps balance the forces on the denture so that the denture is less likely to break.

If you worked with a FOY ® Dentures dentist, you got a great fit to start with your denture, but that fit doesn’t necessarily stay. Your body will reshape your jawbone, which means your dentures might need to be adjusted (relined) to maintain fit. The process of remodeling is slower with implant dentures, but it still happens, especially if your dentures are just implant-retained (held in place by implants, but not supported by them). Your dentist should check for this at your regular visits, but if you notice a denture doesn’t seem to fit right anymore, schedule an appointment.

Work with a FOY ® Dentures Dentist

If you are looking for dentures that are designed, fitted, and built for long life, then you are looking for FOY ® Dentures. You can only get them by working with a FOY ® Dentures dentist.

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