We know that most people aren’t happy with their dentures. Dentures can be loose, uncomfortable, and hard to chew with. But dentures can also be unattractive. Why not have the best cosmetic dentures? Here are some of the most common complaints people have about their dentures.

I Don’t Like My Smile with Dentures

My Denture Looks Fake

Probably the most common complaint people have about the appearance of their dentures is that they look fake. It’s true that many dentures, especially cheap dentures, can look fake. The materials are plastic (and look it), and the teeth are poorly designed.

It’s bad enough when you know that your teeth are fake–you don’t want to broadcast that every time you open your mouth.

My Smile Is Slanted

Your denture should be symmetric and matched to the vertical of your face, just like your natural teeth. However, some dentists end up fitting a denture improperly, giving it a slant. This is usually a sign of a dentist who is too rushed to make a proper impression or follow through on the final fitting.

Sometimes, a denture might start out looking straight, but then becomes slanted with wear. This is another problem of fitting where the denture experiences too much force on one side, which causes it to wear out unevenly. This is bad for your jaw, as it accentuates the imbalanced forces in your bite. The effects of this can extend to your jaw and beyond as it can cause or worsen TMJ.

They Give Me Buck Teeth

Other times, people find that their dentures give them teeth that look huge. They are completely out of proportion with their face. This can be the result of many mistakes denture dentists sometimes make. For example, the teeth might be designed to try to convey a youthful appearance that is totally out of keeping with your age. Trying to put youthful smile features in your dentures doesn’t make you look youthful when they don’t fit. Instead, it just makes your smile look off.

Other times, the denture might not be fitted properly, so that more of the tooth is showing when you smile than should be.

Finally, this could be the product of dentures that aren’t custom-made. They’re premade in a few different sizes, then molded onto your gums. This might mean they’re a little big for your mouth, but the closest size they had.

My Denture Doesn’t Show When I Smile

The opposite problem occurs when your denture doesn’t show at all. This could be the result of denture wear. If your dentures used to be visible when you smiled, but aren’t anymore, it could be because the dentures got worn out. This may just be the result of age–dentures often don’t last their expected 8 years–but faster wear could also be caused by poor fitting that stresses your dentures, especially if you have sore gums under the denture.

Other times, the denture might show because it’s not fitted properly. The denture just sits too low, or maybe it’s too small, because it’s a premade denture that was a little small for your mouth.

The Smile Looks Generic

Finally, many people feel like their denture gives them a very generic looking smile. This is definitely true. Any denture that isn’t custom-designed for you is likely to have a very generic smile. The teeth just go straight across, barely differentiated from one another, let alone from one denture to another.

You Can Get Cosmetic Dentures

The good news is that you don’t have to live with unattractive dentures. There are cosmetic dentures that can give you a beautiful smile. But you have to ask for them by name: FOY ® Dentures. You’ll learn that dentures don’t have to look fake. You can have a smile that isn’t too big, nor too small, a smile that’s straight. And, most importantly, it looks like your smile. After a while, you might begin to feel that your dentures might be artificial, but they’re still your teeth. They’re as much a part of you as your natural teeth ever were.

Your smile isn’t just your appearance, it’s your identity. Your dentures need to really reflect that.

To ask about the best cosmetic dentures, please contact a local FOY ® Dentures dentist today.