Often, people represent dental implants as if they’re the solution to all denture-related problems, but they aren’t necessarily. Many times, people find that their implant dentures still cause difficulties.

Here are some of the more common complaints people have about implant dentures.

Denture Pain

Implant dentures can alleviate some of the more common causes of denture pain, but not all are designed to do it. Pain is often caused by the simple fact that dentures rest on your gums, which just aren’t up for the task of supporting bite forces. This puts too much stress on gum tissues, making them sore.

Implant dentures can take that pressure off your gums, but only if they’re designed as implant-supported dentures. Otherwise, all the pressure of biting and chewing still gets passed on to your gums.

Changing to implant-supported dentures will likely require new dentures and possibly more dental implants.

Dentures Are Loose

Implant dentures can be fully secure in your mouth, just like natural teeth, but only if they’re designed that way. Often implant dentures are designed with a minimum number of dental implants (sometimes as few as two), which may not be enough to hold your dentures in place. Dentures may not have the right kind of connector to properly secure them in place, either.

Other times, the implant dentures might start secure, but grow loose over time. This might be because the fit of the denture has changed, the connectors have worn out, or your gum tissue has grown up around implants, interfering with the connection.

Dentures Don’t Fit

The process of fitting dentures is different from the process of placing dental implants. Sometimes, dentists that know how to place implants might not be the best at denture fit. In fact, they may still rely on older approaches to denture fitting. This can lead to dentures that fit the implants, but not necessarily your mouth. They might be too big or have pinch points.

Dental implants can make this problem worse. Loose dentures can move around in response to the pressure in your mouth, so they can alleviate the pressures related to poor fit. However, if dental implants secure the denture in place, they are going to put more force on the sore spots.

Dentures Don’t Look Good

Dental implants can look natural, but they are also limited by the same things that can make dentures look fake. Implant dentures can be made with cheap or unattractive materials. They can be poorly designed or placed.

Some implant dentists may rely too much on the functional benefits of dental implants and not give enough attention to the aesthetic limitations of dentures. This can lead to some unattractive dentures.

However, implant Dentures don’t have to look like dentures anymore!®  With FOY ® Dentures, they can look like natural teeth, helping you to feel proud of your smile’s appearance as well as its function.

Get Dentures You’ll Love

If you decided to try implant dentures but are unhappy with the results, we have the solution for you. Contact a local FOY ® Dentures dentist today for a consultation. We can evaluate your current dentures and recommend solutions to correct your complaints.