For more than a month, the American Dental Association (ADA) has recommended that dentists’ offices should be closed to all but emergency procedures. Now the ADA has revised that guidance, allowing dentists to start offering routine and elective dental procedures.

But we understand that many people want or need additional reassurance about visiting their dentist at this time. It’s good to be prudent, but of all the places you routinely visit, few are likely to be safer than a visit to a FOY® Dentures dentist.

First, Check Your Local Guidelines

Of course, the ADA’s national guidance is generalized to the entire country. This means that it’s possible that your location might have more restrictive measures in place than the ADA mentions in its guidance.

If you’re in a place where there is a high case count for COVID-19, if the case count continues to grow rapidly, or if your local government recommends not visiting the dentist, then it’s still best not to make the trip.

The Dentist Was Never a Major Risk

It’s important to understand that the decision to recommend closure of dentist’s offices was not driven by a fear that many people would contract the novel coronavirus there. This was a factor, because anything we could do to slow the spread of the virus was seen as beneficial, but not a major concern. Dentists are long practiced in infection control and minimal modification to dental procedures could prevent infection.

The decision was made in large part to free dentists up to provide emergency care options and lighten the pressure on local emergency departments. And it helped to reduce the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE), which were in critically short supply.

New Procedures Are in Place

As we noted above, some minor changes to dental practice procedures are all it takes to make the dentist a safe place to visit without fear of infection.

With guidance from the ADA, dentists across the country are implementing these procedures to help ensure that people can visit the dentist confident in their safety. This means limiting the number of people at the practice and especially in the operatory. Some changes have been made to make the operatory easier to clean, and more strict cleaning protocols are observed between patients. This helps ensure your safety.

FOY ® Dentures Dentists Are the Elite

While dentists across the country are responsibly implementing the ADA’s recommendations, you can trust that your FOY® Dentures dentist is doing all this and more. FOY® Dentures dentists are known not only for their technical skill in all phases of dentistry, but also for their compassion for their patients–they want to take care of you to the utmost of their ability.

Are You Ready to Visit Your FOY® Dentures Dentist?

With the lifting of the ADA’s guidance on offering only emergency care, your FOY ® Dentures dentist is ready to see you. If you are ready to see them, they can offer you a safe and careful assessment of your need for dentures and deliver the natural-looking, rejuvenating dentures you desire.

Please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today for an appointment.