She introduces herself as a normal, 27-year-old woman in her welcoming video. A stay-at home mother of two, she says there is nothing special about her, except for the fact that, at the age of 26, she had to have all her natural teeth removed and replaced with dentures.

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Reaching out for People Who Might Feel Alone

In her introductory video, she points out that she’s reaching out to other people who think they’re too young for dentures. She talks about all the concerns people have about dentures, such as their appearance, whether they will let you talk, whether they will let you eat a full and balanced diet. She says there are many misconceptions about dentures that she wants to dispel.

Telling People about Dentures

Among Kalinjax’s most popular videos is when she talks about telling people in your life about your dentures. She believes very strongly that people should talk to close friends and family about their dentures and not hide the fact that they have dentures from people, even though it can be a traumatic thing to face and to talk about.

She notes that she was terrified about telling her husband that she was going to lose her teeth and get dentures, but when she did tell him, she found that he was very supportive and loving throughout the process. She also said he was very surprised, because he apparently did not really know what she was going through.

She also says that if people are concerned that their husband or wife will leave them over the issue, then dentures are not really the problem: the problem is more in the relationship. People with dentures will find that those who really love them will be supportive and will love them and help them get through the process. She says that it’s best to face the problem as a team.

Getting Dental Implants

Although in her introduction, Kalinjax describes getting dentures as the best thing that happened to her, she has also had problems with her dentures, and is now getting dental implants to secure her dentures. After three years of living with dentures, she decided she wanted to get dental implants after she won a contest that allowed her to get the implants without cost.

She decided that she wanted to get the implants because her dentures were getting looser (they had lost retention). Her lower dentures have always been loose, which she says is “a given.” But with the upper denture getting loose, and threatening to fall out in public, getting food under them, and other problems made her very eager to get implants.

She stresses that this is a personal choice she made and that many people continue to do well with dentures.

If you want to learn more about what Kalinjax has to say about her dentures, you can watch her videos on her YouTube channel, or read her blog,