Are you looking to add FOY® Dentures to your practice, but can’t fit it in your budget right now? Lending Club financing is available for FOY® Dentures seminars. We can walk you through the application process, which takes just five minutes, and you’ll get multiple quotes. There’s no need for a site inspection, no collateral required, and the terms are very good–much better than credit cards and even better than personal and business loans in many cases.

Click on this link to start your application process.

Why Finance a FOY® Dentures Seminar

A FOY® Dentures seminar can be a great investment for your practice. Financing helps this investment in your practice’s future fit into the realities of your practice’s future.

The benefits of a FOY® Dentures seminar include:

  • Create an additional revenue stream
  • Improve patient satisfaction–and feel good about doing dentures
  • Add a premium product to upsell low-revenue patients
  • Increase per-patient revenue–be free to give patients more personal care
  • Premium brands help you transition to an elite practice
  • Learn cosmetic & neuromuscular principles you can apply to other procedures
  • Get marketing tips & aids to increase visibility

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that you want to take a FOY® Dentures seminar, but finances don’t always allow it. Lending Club financing can help if you:

  • Are a new practice still building a patient base
  • Have tight cash flow when you have time for training
  • Are investing in a practice transition
  • Encountered unexpected expenses
  • Are looking to spread out the cost
  • Want more favorable terms than credit cards or traditional lending

Lending Club is an ideal solution for any of the above situations.

Benefits of Lending Club

Lending Club is a great alternative to credit cards and traditional lenders because:

  • Full loan amount delivered up front
  • Terms available for 1-5 years depending on loan size
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Low rates–as low as 5.9%
  • Dedicated US-based advisor
  • Application takes less than five minutes
  • Choose from several different offers
  • Work with the same financing company patients use

These benefits make Lending Club an ideal choice for dentists who want to sign up for the FOY® Dentures seminar but can’t fit it in their budget right away. Click here to start your application.

What Is Lending Club?

Lending Club is the world’s largest online credit marketplace, helping people get personal loans, business loans, and financing for medical procedures.

This is not a traditional lender such as a bank or credit union, with large amounts of capital at its disposal. Instead, Lending Club brings together individuals who want to invest and those who are seeking loans through a frictionless, transparent, and–above all–efficient online marketplace. This efficiency allows borrowers and investors to meet with a minimum loss to overhead and expenses, which translates into better rates and terms for borrowers and better returns for investors.

This model has proven very successful, allowing for the lending of nearly $19 billion in the nine years since its inception. As people learn about the good terms for both lenders and investors, the funding rate has increased dramatically. Lending Club financed nearly $3 billion in the last quarter alone!

Because of the great terms, we are proud to endorse Lending Club financing for FOY® Dentures seminars.

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