Oral health is still very important after you have lost your teeth. Maintaining good oral health will help you live a happy, active, and productive lifestyle. Here are some instructions for keeping your mouth healthy with dentures.

Keep Dentures Clean

Fotolia_62056104_Subscription_Monthly_MJust as with your natural teeth, it’s important to keep your dentures clean. Rinse dentures after every meal to ensure you don’t have food or debris caught under them, which can irritate gums.

Thoroughly brush your dentures every night, and soak your dentures overnight if they’re removable. Also brush your gums to remove plaque, food, and denture adhesive from them.

Proper care of dentures will not only maintain a healthy mouth, it will keep your dentures from smelling bad.

Avoid Bad Habits

Remember, bad habits that affected your oral health when you had teeth will still impact you now that you have dentures. Tobacco use is bad for your oral health, and can increase your risk of gum disease and oral cancer. This includes both smoking and chewing tobacco use.

Too much alcohol can also be bad for your oral health. Excessive alcohol consumption dries out your mouth, and it has also been associated with an increased risk of oral cancer. These effects may be worse if alcohol gets trapped under your dentures.

Keep Your Mouth Moist

Dry mouth impacts many denture wearers. It may be related to your dentures or it may be related to medications. Make sure you’re drinking enough water and other healthy liquids. If you still have a dry mouth, talk to your doctor about medications you are taking, and whether there are options that might not make your mouth so dry. If you still have a dry mouth, try using artificial saliva.

Get the Best Denture Fit

Denture fit is also very important for your oral health. Poorly fitting dentures put pressure on your gums, which can lead to receding gums, bone loss, and even oral cancer.

If you are looking for great fitting dentures, please contact a local Denture Fountain of Youth®dentist today for a consultation.