A new study at the University of Adelaide in Australia shows that many people who have lost teeth may not actually need dentures. The research is focused on people who have lost only some of their teeth and still retain some teeth for chewing.

Shortened Arches And Denture Need

Researchers looked at data from 2700 patients, assessing the type and position of teeth lost to determine if dentures were really “necessary” for these patients. They found that, for many of the people considered, dentures were actually unnecessary. Extrapolating their research to the population as a whole, they found that perhaps as many as 434,000 Australians who get dentures at some point during their lives likely don’t need them at all. If the US situation is similar, that translates to nearly 6 million Americans who don’t need dentures.

dreamstime_xs_35748202Researchers said that whether a person needed dentures depended on the number of teeth lost, their positions, and the size of the mouth. If people have enough biting and cutting teeth at the front as well as grinding teeth in the back. As long as people had that balance of teeth, they may be able to wait to get dentures and may not need them at all over the course of their lifetime. People with smaller mouths were more likely to be able to get away without dentures for much longer periods of time and may not need them at all.

Dentures Are About More Than Need

Although this study contains important insights, it neglects an important part of the denture picture. People don’t just get dentures for chewing. Having a smile with a number of missing teeth may have difficulty finding or retaining a job.

Teeth also perform an important role in supporting the jaw so that people avoid developing TMJ.

Perhaps most importantly, a whole, attractive smile is essential for some people’s self image. Although many are not excited about the prospect of dentures, they are even less happy about the thought of having only half a smile. They can experience negative self esteem, low mood, and other psychological problems.

We understand that your dentures are about more than just chewing. If you are looking for dentures that can beautifully perform all the vital roles you need them for, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.