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Kent E. White, DDS

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Kent E. White, DDS

Dr. Kent E. White is an elite denture dentist who practices at the exceptional full-service Center for Advanced Dentistry. In addition to dentures, Dr. White provides cosmetic dentistry services like porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and more. FOY Dentures® are an excellent match for Dr. White’s practice, because he is also skilled in neuromuscular dentistry, which allows him to help his guests get comfortable results from their treatments.

A Highly Talented Denture Dentist

One of the things that sets denture dentist Dr. White apart is the exceptional level of his training, but perhaps even more important is the level of his talent. Any denture dentist can train, but only those with talent are capable of translating that training into superb results for their patients. Dr. White’s training includes a general practice residency at the Miami School of Medicine, and an implant residency with implant pioneers Dr. Arun Garg and Dr. Carl Misch.

Dr. White’s talent as a denture dentist was recognized when he was named a senior clinical instructor at the world-recognized Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) in 1999. At the time, he was the youngest person to hold this title.

Dr. White’s skill as a denture dentist draws patients from across the country, including some from New York and LA.

Demand for a Denture Dentist in Nashville

Tennessee has the second worst oral health of any state in the nation, so it naturally has a very high demand for a denture dentist. Nashville has better oral health than the rest of the state, but it is still below the national average. Although Nashville has a relatively young population as would be expected for an epicenter of the entertainment industry, which naturally draws youth to it, it also has a relatively high demand for a denture dentist.

One thing that is commonly held up as a positive aspect of health in Tennessee is the low health disparity related to income and education. Unfortunately, that partly indicates that even people with high incomes and education levels also have poor oral health. One of the main contributing factors here is a high smoking rate, since smoking can double or triple your risk of tooth loss.  About 21% of the population in Nashville are smokers. Part of the effects of this is Nashville’s high rate of tooth loss: about 16% of Nashville adults have lost six or more teeth, compared to only 10% nationwide. In other words, demand for a denture dentist is about 1.6 times as high as it is in the country as a whole.

Why FOY Dentures® Are a Great Fit for Nashville

FOY Dentures® are an ideal solution for Nashville’s combination of youthful population, low health disparity, and high rates of tooth loss, especially considering many people who need a denture dentist are also in the public eye.

A Nashville denture dentist is going to see more young people who need dentures than in other parts of the country. Young people benefit from FOY Dentures® because the aesthetics help conceal that a person needed dentures at a young age. But the function also matters. While older people might (sometimes) accept that having dentures means accepting limits in their diet, young people have too much to look forward to to accept this limitation. And young people appreciate that FOY Dentures® support an active lifestyle.

People with higher levels of income and education also benefit from FOY Dentures®. The ability to retain a youthful appearance is important for people who work in highly competitive industries where the aging caused by dentures might make a person look uncompetitive or unmotivated. And clarity of speech matters when making important presentations or pitches. And being able to enjoy a full range of food matters when so many deals are made over meals.

Finally, FOY Dentures® are a vital asset for anyone who is in the public eye. Being able to enunciate clearly matters whether you’re hosting a charitable event or singing on stage or in studio.

It’s for these reasons that denture dentist Dr. White feels FOY Dentures® are the best dentures for Nashville.

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