Most of us don’t want people to immediately guess that we have dentures. That’s why we want our dentures to have a natural appearance. On the other hand, there are many features that natural teeth tend to gain as we age, that most of us wouldn’t want reproduced in our dentures.

Appearance of Natural Teeth as We Age

dreamstime_s_21827037As we age, our teeth bear the marks of all the years we have experienced. As a result, they develop many common features that show they are aged.

Teeth become discolored naturally with age. A combination of staining and wear on dental enamel causes them to darken with age, a process that doesn’t really stop. People in their 70s tend to have darker tooth color than those in their 50s.

Teeth also tend to wear down with age, changing proportion as a result. Altered tooth proportion is an easily-recognized sign of age.

Receding gums are common with age, and, as a result, people tend to develop black triangles between their teeth. This is another sign of age that is easily recognized, and can contribute to an unhealthy tooth appearance.

Cracks, chips, and other defects caused by injury, decay, and wear of teeth are also more common as we age. Even when repaired, these can lead to uneven coloration of the teeth, which can reduce satisfaction with the appearance of your teeth.

Teeth Can Look Natural and Attractive

Obviously, there are many features of aged teeth that we don’t want to reproduce in your dentures. First of all, the facelift effect of FOY® Dentures is due partly to reversing the effects of tooth wear. Your denture dentist will also not reproduce black triangles or damage to your teeth.

However, your denture dentist can achieve natural tooth proportions that will give you an attractive, natural tooth appearance that looks healthy and young. You can talk about the proper tooth color for your dentures so you can have a smile that looks right for your skin, lips, and other aspects of your appearance.

During your consultation with a denture dentist, you can talk about your ideal smile. Working together, you can decide which features of a natural smile you want to incorporate and which ones you want to leave behind.

For help getting attractive dentures, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist.