If you are facing the loss of your teeth for any reason, from periodontal disease to trauma to other medical conditions, you may be overwhelmed by the fact that you have to choose a tooth replacement option, too. It can be hard to commit to dental implants right away, especially before you have an idea of how you will cope with dentures.

Although there are good reasons to make the decision right away, you’re not necessarily required to, and if you want to try FOY® Dentures first, you can do it.

Why It’s Best to Commit Early

Our teeth and our jawbone exist in a mutually-reinforcing relationship. Once your teeth are gone, they are no longer stimulating your jawbone, which your body will then begin to remove, leading to less bone material and lower bone density. This happens right away, and can lead to a striking amount of bone loss relatively quickly, especially if you are using traditional dentures that fit poorly, which can accelerate bone loss.

Why FOY® Dentures Can Be Good to Try

If you’re not prepared to commit to dental implants, you might consider a short trial with FOY® Dentures. These have the advantage of being some of the best-fitting dentures available, so you’ll have a sense of the best-case scenario for dentures. If you don’t like them, then you know that you need dental implants to get the results you want.

FOY® Dentures also eliminate the pinch points and uneven force that can cause traditional dentures to accelerate the loss of bone from your jaw. This means that you will probably experience less bone loss and be in a better position for having dental implants placed later.

Finally, your FOY® Dentures can be adapted to be supported by dental implants, which means that you won’t have lost on the investment in dentures, and you can still get the benefits of a more youthful appearance after you get dental implants.

If you are trying to make a decision about how to replace your teeth, a FOY® Dentures dentist can help you understand your options to make the right decision for you.