pretty young woman taking a walk on the pierAlthough we often think of dentures as being something people need later in life, some young people lose their teeth and need dentures at a young age. Although it’s not common, there are actually a number of factors that can lead to people losing their teeth and needing dentures. 

Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is one of the reasons why young people need dentures. Dental anxiety keeps many people from getting dental care when they need it. This can allow cavities and gum disease to worsen, leading to tooth loss. 

Dental anxiety tends to be a worsening cycle. Because people dislike the dentist, they only go when they have an urgent need for intervention. This leads to an invasive treatment, which in turn increases the anxiety people feel. This leads to more avoidance and worsening dental conditions. 

Genetic Conditions

There are many genetic conditions that lead people to have early tooth loss. In some cases, in fact, people don’t actually develop teeth. This can lead to the use of dentures at a very early age. 

More common, though, is a genetic tendency toward cavities or gum disease. Gum disease, in particular, is highly variable and may be associated with certain genetic traits. While gum disease is partly related to the presence of certain oral bacteria in the mouth, it’s also related to the body’s response to these bacteria. The type and distribution of bacteria in a person’s mouth is a familial trait, partly because of genetics. And our body’s response to the bacteria in our mouth is governed by our genes, which is why some people are much more likely to transition from gingivitis (mild disease) to periodontitis (severe disease) than others. 

Poor Oral Hygiene

We often find that people who lose their teeth at a young age are actually very diligent in their care for their teeth. They spend an excessive amount of time, energy, and money on caring for their teeth. Unfortunately, that’s not always enough to overcome other factors. 

But in some cases, people neglected their teeth when young, which can lead to tooth loss. It’s not always possible to turn one’s habits around and take up improved oral hygiene once we realize the stakes. 

Lifestyle Choices

Other times, we expose ourselves to excessive risks, which can lead to tooth loss at a relatively young age. Although it is common to lay the blame for youthful tooth loss on illegal drugs, there are many perfectly legal lifestyle choices that can also lead to early tooth loss. 

Cigarette smoking and other tobacco use all contribute to a risk of tooth loss at a young age. More recently, vaping has been linked to potential causes of tooth loss. This includes an increased risk of gum disease, as well as the risk of traumatic e-cigarette explosions. 

Alcohol use can also increase the risk of gum disease and resultant tooth loss. And, of course, overconsumption of sugary beverages, including highly acidic sodas, can lead to tooth loss. 

Maintain Your Youth, Even If You Couldn’t Maintain Teeth

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