Nobody really wants to get anything that’s cheap. Sure, you might want to get something for cheap, but we all know that when the product is described as cheap, it’s not going to be good.

That’s why people who are offering cheap dentures try to advertise them with many different names.

But no matter what these names are trying to say, the truth is that the dentures they describe aren’t good dentures.

No Matter What You Call Them, Cheap Dentures Aren’t Good

Affordable Dentures

One of the most common euphemisms for “cheap” is affordable. Calling dentures affordable doesn’t have any connotations about the quality of the dentures themselves. Instead, it focuses on the accessibility of the dentures. These are dentures you can afford. It’s similar to the use of “budget,” which focuses on your ability to fit the dentures in your limited expenses.

But the truth is that for most people, affordability is more of a choice than an actual limitation. It’s more a question of prioritizing dentures than it is of actually being able to fit them into your budget. And with all the things you depend on your denturest to do for you, it’s important to make getting quality dentures a priority.

Inexpensive Dentures

This euphemism is trying to focus people’s negative response to things that are expensive. Nothing is expensive if it’s really worth it. Although it might seem expensive, once you get it, you will realize that it was a great investment and you’re very happy with what you’ve gotten.

But when something is being advertised as inexpensive,you’re being asked to look at just the number on the label or in the estimate. They want you to focus on the numbers and pick the one that’s lower.

Value Dentures

When something is being described as being a value, you’re supposed to think that you’re getting a good buy for the money. You’re supposed to think that cheap dentures are somehow worth more than you’re paying for them. Another phrase for this is bargain dentures.

The problem is that this is rarely true. In fact, cheap dentures typically offer much less value for the money than quality dentures. That’s because many people who get cheap dentures find they don’t fit or don’t function, and the dentures end up being a complete waste. There’s no value in dentures you can’t use, and sometimes it can even cost you a bundle. Sometimes you can get your money back, but even then, once you factor in the waste of your time and the unpleasant experience, you’ve paid a lot more for the dentures than the value you got out of them.

How We Describe Cheap Dentures

It’s understandable that people selling cheap dentures will go out of their way to come up with language that says anything but cheap. However, we can’t help by calling these dentures what they are: poor-quality, second-rate, substandard, inferior, shoddy dentures. We would never want to see anyone suffer because of these dentures.

Instead, we want to encourage everyone to get higher quality dentures like FOY ® Dentures that are the true value dentures. They may look expensive before you get them, but once you receive them, you’ll know they’re a bargain.

To learn more about the benefits of FOY ® Dentures, please contact a local FOY ® Dentures dentist today.