If you are considering implant dentures, you have to make many decisions about the best type of dentures to get. One important question to resolve is whether your dentures will be removable or fully fixed. Both are good options, but there are many potential advantages to having your teeth in all the time. Here are just a few of them.

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Your Teeth Shouldn’t Be in a Jar

Let’s face it: teeth belong in your mouth, not in a jar. You shouldn’t be trying to find clever places to hide your dentures or worrying that people will find them. Your teeth should be in your mouth. It’s just natural.

You Won’t Drop Your Dentures and Break Them

With removable dentures that you have to take out and clean, there’s always the risk that you will drop and break your dentures. Dentures are strong against the forces they face in your mouth, but they can also be brittle, and if you drop them in the sink or on the floor, they can shatter.

Also, if you take your dentures out, there’s a risk you could leave them behind.


TMJ is temporomandibular joint disorder, which occurs when your jaw is in a position that does not support harmonious interaction between your jaw muscles and joint. Your teeth play an important role in that interaction, and when you spend all night without them in, you might find yourself suffering for it in the morning or even all day long with neck pain, back pain, and headaches.

Neuromuscular dentures like FOY Dentures® are especially good to help prevent TMJ–they are designed to hold your jaw in an ideal position.

Sleep Apnea

Another potential cause of headaches in the morning is sleep apnea. In this condition, your airway collapses at night, cutting off your air supply. This forces your body to wake up in order to restore breathing. Although you may not know it, you may wake up hundreds of times a night.

Because your jaw helps support your airway, sleeping without your dentures could increase the tendency of your airway to collapse.

Better Chewing

Fully fixed dentures are also fully supported dentures. This allows you to chew with more force, which means that you can enjoy a more rounded diet, including steak.

Midnight Smiles

So what do you do when your beloved reaches for you in the middle of the night and you feel so happy that you just can’t help but smile–do you reach for the bedstand to put your teeth in, or do you just smile naturally? That’s one way that having your dentures in all the time can improve your quality of life.

They Will Feel More a Part of You

One problem people have with dentures is that they just don’t feel right. They feel like an artificial prosthesis. True, that’s what dentures are: artificial teeth. But they don’t have to feel artificial, any more than they have to look artificial. You can just forget that you have dentures–they will look, feel, and function like having your teeth back.

A Dentist Can Help You Decide

Fixed dentures aren’t right for everyone, and not everyone is a candidate for fully fixed dentures. Please contact a local FOY Dentures® dentist to find out which are the best dentures for you.