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Burke Denture Dentist, Pamela Marzban, DDS

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Pamela Marzban DDS

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Burke Denture Dentist, Dr. Pamela Marzban DDS

Pamela Marzban DDS

Dr. Marzban received her DDS with honors from the Medical College of Virginia, but that was only the beginning of her dental education. She studied at LVI, the nation’s leading school for cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry, and was awarded the prestigious rank of LVI Fellow. She was also awarded the rank of fellow by the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), and the International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics (IAPA).

She has put her education to good use, delivering exceptional results to her patients. The quality of her work has been recognized by her peers, who awarded her first place in the IAPA’s Aesthetic Eye National Competition for a full mouth reconstruction. Her work is also routinely highlighted by dental labs and restoration companies because it shows the full cosmetic potential of their work. Local and national publications have taken notice of her outstanding work, as well. She has been recognized as a top dentist by many of these organizations for the better part of a decade.

It is to deliver the same level of outstanding results to her dentures patients that she became a FOY® Dentures dentist.

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Burke denture dentist Pamela Marzban focuses on delivering the highest quality cosmetic and functional results to all her patients. FOY® Dentures make an excellent addition to her practice because they let her give dentures patients the same beautiful, comfortable, and functional results that she gives to her smile makeover patients. She can’t imagine being  denture dentist unless she could make that promise.

Demand for a Denture Dentist in Burke

In many ways, Burke is positioned to have a lower demand for a denture dentist than other places in Virginia. Overall, the population of Burke is younger than the state, with only 5.5% of the population over the age of 65, less than half the statewide proportion of 11.2%. In addition, the median household income is about twice that of the state as a whole, over $93,000 compared to just $46,000 for the state as a whole. The poverty rate is only 1.5%, compared to a statewide poverty rate of 7.0%. This younger, more affluent population is also more highly educated with about 60% having a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 29% statewide. All these factors mean that people in Burke maintain generally good oral health.

However, the area has a mixed record on healthy habits that can lead to good oral health. Some poor habits could increase demand for a denture dentist. Although Fairfax County is fairly positive in terms of low rates of obesity (15.1%) and overweight status (43%), people in the area have very low levels of physical activity. More than half of the county’s adult population is physically inactive, and 14.6% of them get no exercise. Over 70% get few fruits and vegetables in their diets. On the positive side, only 14.7% of residents in the county are smokers. The county has the lowest share of current and past smokers in the state.

Overall, we expect Burke to have a relatively low demand for denture dentists than the rest of the state or country.

Why FOY® Dentures Are Perfect for Burke

Burke is a commuter community, with many residents holding important positions in government and industry in the Washington, DC area. Many are focused on continuing ascent in their careers, aspiring to promotions and new challenges with more public and personal exposure.

With a young population and low rates of tooth loss, denture dentists need to understand there is little room in Burke for dentures that look fake, function poorly, or make a person look older. People who have lost their teeth do not want people to know they’ve lost their teeth. And these people depend as heavily on their smiles for networking as anyone. They need a smile that looks as attractive and healthy as people who have a full set of teeth.

That’s what the Denture Fountain of Youth can give to people in Burke. FOY® Dentures are made of high quality materials that give a highly attractive smile–as good as a smile makeover. FOY® Dentures fit superbly, so they won’t slip out of place when eating or talking. And they can be combined with dental implants to improve stability even further and increase bite forces.

And with the unique approach denture dentists use to fit them, FOY® Dentures can help people maintain a youthful appearance even if they have lost their teeth. This will help them maintain their competitive appearance in fields where they are older than their rivals.

This makes denture dentist Dr. Marzban believe that FOY® Dentures are the best dentures for Burke.