Art is intended to give us a different perspective on ourselves. There are many pieces of art that explicitly ask us to consider dentures and our attitude toward them, such as the denture art car or the wall of dentures.

But dentures aren’t just something separate from us. Instead, dentures become part of our identity, and it is in this context that Jill Mayer’s performance piece “Measurements” gives us insight into the true value of FOY® Dentures.

Beautiful smiling senior woman face over gray background.

Technology and Identity

Jill Mayer is a performance artist whose work focuses on the impact technology has on our sense of identity. As part of this exploration, Mayer has created two 46-second films as part of a series she calls “Impressions.” One of these films, “Measurements” can give us good insight into how tooth loss and dentures can impact a person’s sense of identity.

Mayer notes that her face is a set of points and measurements between features. The face is of course more than this, but this distillation gets at an essential truth. Our facial features are known by their spacing from and relation to one another. It is these relationships between elements that allow other people to see and recognize us by our faces. If these relationships change, it represents a change in our appearance, one that can make us not look like ourselves, potentially become unrecognizable.

Mayer notes that she regularly takes the measurements of these features of her face, and encourages us to do the same. That’s because we are likely to experience changes in the relationship between these features as we age. This is partly due to the loss of teeth and bones in our lower face. As these proportions change, it can lead to a change in our self-identification, possibly making us less sure of our identity.

FOY® Dentures Restore Your Youthful Proportions

This recognition of how our measurements give rise to our sense of identity shows how FOY® Dentures are different than other facial rejuvenation approaches. Approaches like a facelift, and, to a lesser extent, skin treatments that seek to tighten skin, accept that your past identity is past. You were that young person, but now you are an older person, whose proportions have changed.

But FOY® Dentures doesn’t accept that. If you have lost your teeth, your facial proportions are changed. But they can be restored. With FOY® Dentures, your face can be returned to its original proportions. And as Mayer notes, this isn’t just “measurements,” because underlying those measurements is your personal identity.

So in a very real way, the goal of FOY® Dentures is not just to restore your youthful proportions: the goal is to restore your youthful self. This goes beyond just the way you look. It includes feeling confident in yourself and being able to maintain an active lifestyle.

If you would like to learn how FOY® Dentures can help you restore your youthful self, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist.