When plastic surgeons approach the problem of facial aging, they try to solve it by modifying soft tissues, such as skin, muscles, and fat. However, recent research shows that changes in the jaw are very important to creating an aged appearance, which is what makes FOY® Dentures such a powerful rejuvenating treatment.

woman looking at her face in mirrorYour Bones Can Change with Age

Looking at detailed CT scans of patients at different ages, plastic surgeons discovered changes in the jawbone contribute to aging as well as soft tissue changes. Researchers looked at 120 scans, 20 men and 20 women from three different age groups: young (20-36), middle-aged (41-64), and old (65+). Using software, they measured the jawbones in each of the images.

Researchers found that the angle of the jaw changed significantly with age, creating a flatter angle that pushed the jaw forward at a lower angle. A researcher explained, “These measurements indicate a significant decline in the jaw’s volume as a person ages, and therefore less support of soft tissue of the lower face and neck.”

Changes in bone shape are likely due to the progressive loss of teeth, which alters the way the jaw fits together, and the way that the force of the muscles of mastication pull on the jaw. Our bones regularly respond to this type of force and reshape themselves accordingly.

By replacing teeth with FOY® Dentures–designed to mimic the natural dimensions of your youthful smile–you not only replace the lost volume of your teeth, you restore the natural direction of forces in the jaw, which may limit the amount of reshaping. This means that not only can FOY® Dentures help you look younger today–they may prevent you from looking older later.

Facelifts Are Not Enough

Surgical facelifts focus on the traditional plastic surgery explanation of facial aging: the soft tissues. The plastic surgeon will cut skin, muscles, and fat away from their original attachments and move them up higher. The tissue will also be stretched out in order to eliminate some of the wrinkles. The “excess” tissue is then cut away.

This can create an unnatural appearance because your tissues were never meant to be stretched in this way. You usually have little in the way of actual “excess” tissue, it’s usually that you’ve lost volume in your mouth, which makes it look like you have excess. You’re also just stretching tissue over chin, jaw, and cheeks that are not in their youthful position because of teeth and bone changes, which is likely to make you look not like yourself.

FOY® Dentures let you keep your natural skin in its natural position. It restores the youthful proportions of your face so that you not only look younger, you look like you.

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