Although many denture wearers are unhappy with their dentures, few would actually wish them gone. So even if you’re not happy with your dentures, you’ll likely replace them if they get lost, which means additional expenses.

But this is another way that investing in quality dentures can be smart: if your dentures fit better, you’re less likely to lose them. Here’s why.

Less Likely to Be Left at the Bar

When you go out drinking, it’s easy to lose track of the things you brought with you. People leave all kinds of things behind at the bar, including their dentures. This is more likely if your dentures are poorly fitting and uncomfortable, causing you to take them out and put them on the table or the bar.

And poorly fitting dentures are more likely to come out if you make yourself sick from drink. This means they’re more likely to be accidentally flushed down the toilet, too.

Keep Them in for Eating out

Your dentures should help you eat properly, and that means you’ll want to keep them in when you’re eating, even when you’re eating out at a restaurant.

But if your dentures don’t fit right and you take them out to eat at a restaurant, you might forget them, especially if you just put them down on your tray at a fast food restaurant, then dump them into the trash without thinking about it.

This very circumstance recently led to a husband getting Dumpster Diving for Dentures Adventure.

You Won’t Take Them out Randomly

Fotolia_47248313_Subscription_Monthly_MIf you don’t like the way your dentures fit, you’re likely to want to take them out regularly just to be comfortable when you’re watching TV or cooking or working in the yard, all those little places where we absentmindedly put things down and forget where we left them.

You don’t want to do this with your dentures. Get dentures that are comfortable and support your face and muscles so that they will even help you feel more comfortable with them in than out.

Getting Lost in the Hospital

Unfortunately, the risk of losing dentures in the hospital is in many cases the same for better fitting dentures. The problem is that nurses don’t record dentures among your list of possessions, so they’re not careful to make sure they come with you when you move. If you are more likely to keep your dentures in, though, you’re less likely to have them accidentally taken away by the cleaning staff.

Won’t Get Lost When Motorcycle Riding

Motorcycle riding isn’t an activity that most of us associate with a denture wearer, but many riders wear dentures. Some are older riders that lost their teeth naturally, while others might have lost teeth due to fighting or motorcycle accidents.

Unfortunately, poorly fitting dentures are apt to be lost on the highway. It doesn’t take much, just a  sneeze, and your dentures are gone.

Quality Dentures That Stay Put

If you are looking for quality dentures that are comfortable to wear, so you keep them in more often and are less likely to lose them, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today for an appointment.