Recently, a motorcycle rider stopped traffic on one of Spain’s busiest highways because he pulled over to look for his dentures. Apparently, he had sneezed and they flew out. This is more than just an oddity, it’s a reminder that having properly fitting dentures can make a big difference on your motorcycle ride.

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You Don’t Want to Worry about Dentures when You Ride

Having bugs in your teeth is motorcycle slang for being a happy rider. When you’re out riding, you want to be able to enjoy that sensation with dentures that are secure and attractive. You should never be worrying about your dentures, just thinking about the ride.

Although cheap or poorly made dentures can slip and fall out during a motorcycle ride, FOY® Dentures are made to fit securely so you don’t have to worry about them. You won’t have to take them out when you ride and try to figure out how you’re going to slip them in secretly when you get off to hang out with your riding buddies. You can wear your dentures when you ride, even if it’s a little bit of a bumpy ride.

Avoid Jaw and Neck Pain

Riding a motorcycle is a lot more work than driving a car. Your body is partly supporting the bike, and sitting upright in a proper position takes force in supporting your body and head. This in part depends on muscles in your jaw as well as your neck.

If you have poorly fitting dentures–or no dentures at all–your jaw may not be able to efficiently perform its role in providing support. This can lead to soreness in your jaw muscles and pain in your neck.

FOY® Dentures are designed using neuromuscular principles so they not only fit better, they help your body efficiently translate forces so you don’t have to overexert yourself when riding.

If you’ve lost your teeth, but haven’t lost your will to ride, talk to a local dentist about FOY® Dentures and how they can improve your ride.