Getting dentures is a big change. You used to have teeth and now you have a replacement that may be like your natural teeth–or not. The quality of your dentures can make a big difference in how well you adapt to them. Quality dentures can make the adaptation period shorter and easier.

Adapt to Dentures Faster | FOY ® Dentures

Quality Dentures Are More Secure

One of the biggest problems with getting used to dentures is that they’re not secure in your mouth. Natural teeth were anchored in your jawbone, but dentures just sit on your gums. This means that everything you do with your teeth is impacted.

When you bite and chew, you will have to change the motions to avoid dislodging your dentures. And when you talk, you usually have to talk more slowly not just to make sure you’re understood, but also to make sure that dentures don’t slip out and click against each other.

With quality dentures, the improved fit means that dentures are less likely to slip, which makes it easier to adapt to chewing and talking with them in. With implant dentures, you have almost no adaptation period–they can work just like natural teeth.

You’ll Have Fewer Sore Spots with Quality Dentures

Another problem that makes it hard to adapt to dentures is sores that develop on the gums. These sores develop because your gums are not intended to support biting and chewing pressure from teeth. When dentures do put pressure on gums, it can lead to painful sores. These sores aren’t just bad for your gums, they can lead your body to remove the bone more quickly than it otherwise would, which can accelerate facial aging.

Quality dentures like FOY ® Dentures can help you avoid these kinds of sores. They distribute bite forces more evenly, so there are fewer places getting too much force on them. Implant dentures do even better by directing force directly from the dentures directly into the bone, which can take it.

More Natural Proportions Make It Easier to Talk and Chew

Biting and chewing with dentures isn’t just hard because dentures are loose and slip out. It’s hard because the proportions of dentures may not match the proportions of your natural teeth. This makes it hard for you to chew because the dentures don’t meet up at the same point as your natural teeth–they may contact too early or too late.

FOY ® Dentures are specifically designed to combat this problem. They are designed to match the functional range of your jaw structure and jaw muscles. That way, they come together at the right time.

Having dentures that match the functional dimensions of your jaw can also make it easier to talk. Your dentures are less likely to click together because they impact too soon. Instead, these dentures will meet just when they’re supposed to, which reduces the risk of clicking.

Quality Dentures Are a Better Experience

If you are looking for dentures that don’t just look better, but also function and feel better, we recommend FOY ® Dentures. These dentures are designed for maximum fit and maximum function. To learn more about the benefits of FOY ® Dentures, please contact a local FOY ® Dentures dentist today.