As we get older, we don’t lose our need for human companionship. And these days, as we live longer, many of us see a healthy, loving relationship as essential to our quality of life. Plus with the new ways of finding and getting in touch with old flames, it’s common to rekindle a relationship that had long ago dwindled to embers.

There are a lot of questions about dating with dentures, so it makes sense that many people would turn to the mistress of answers, Dear Abby. She says that if you want to spark the tinder with your old love, you need to be prepared to invest in quality dentures.

Senior couple in love, relaxing in park. The right kind of dentures can improve your love life

It’s about Making an Effort

Dear Abby received a letter from a woman complaining about a man she had dated in the past and only recently “hooked up” with again. Between their first and second relationship, the man had all his teeth pulled. The dentures he got fit him poorly. In fact, they fit him so poorly that he rarely wears them (which is common).

The problem is that the woman finds him unsexy without teeth. In fact, while he wants her to kiss him without teeth, she can’t do that. She is offended that he would hang around with her all evening toothless, then only put his dentures in when it was time to make out, but now he doesn’t even want to wear them then. He accused the woman of being shallow as a result.

But Dear Abby tells it straight. She not only says that the man should get his false teeth replaced or adjusted, she validates the woman’s feelings. In addition, she points out that many women likely feel the same about a man with no teeth.

The problem isn’t that the woman is shallow, it’s that the man won’t make any effort to make her happy. She rightly points out that the man often wears his dentures out, including to work, but won’t wear them for her. This is a clear sign to her that she matters less to him than his coworkers.

In addition, he needs to recognize that if you want someone to kiss you, you have to look kissable, which includes many things, such as having a set of attractive teeth.

Dentures Don’t Have to Be Uncomfortable

Of course, the man has a problem, too. His dentures are likely very uncomfortable. It’s probably a burden for him to wear his dentures all day at work. Ill-fitting, poorly made dentures can be very painful. It doesn’t just hurt your gums from the pressure of pushing down or pinching, it can hurt your jaws because poorly fitting dentures can put your jaw in an unnatural position, stressing your joints and muscles.

However, dentures can be made comfortably. The Denture Fountain of Youth® process is a scientific approach that fits your dentures not just to your gums, but your whole jaw system. They rest with even pressure on your gums, and they put your jaw in a comfortable position. This can help not just with jaw comfort, but can alleviate headaches related to poor jaw position.

Of course, for teeth that feel more like natural teeth, implant dentures are recommended.

Do It for Love

If you have poorly fitting dentures, your love life can suffer. But you have the option of improving your love life–as well as the comfort and function of your dentures–with better dentures. To learn how, please contact a local FOY ® Dentures dentist today.