Quality dentures have quality teeth as we said last week, but that’s only the beginning. When you smile, it’s not just your teeth that are on display, but your gums as well, so if you want to have truly realistic dentures, there has to be good craft in the denture base as well.

The Attractiveness of Natural Gums

Fotolia_72910328_Subscription_Monthly_MThe basic principles of what makes natural gums attractive are the same as those for most things: symmetry, balance, coloration, and individuality.

Symmetry in your gums means that your gums should follow basically the same curves on either side of your midline. They should follow a regular, scalloped pattern. Of course, we don’t want them to look too regular, or else they will look fake.

Balance in your gums comes from the proper proportion between your gums and your teeth. Too much of your teeth will make your smile look toothy or perhaps imply that your gums are receding (unhealthy), but too much gums will make your smile look gummy.

Coloration of gums should show that they’re healthy, not inflamed by gum disease.

Finally, your gums should look like they’re natural and individual, not simply another plastic piece that rolled off an assembly line.

Symmetry and Balance

When designing your dentures, a FOY® Dentures dentist will utilize the best principles in cosmetic dentistry to ensure that your gums look like they should. We will determine the amount of gums you should have showing for your age and design your dentures to fit with your natural smile so you will show an appropriate amount of gums so that your smile will seem natural.

Natural Coloration

Cheap dentures are made with a limited number of color options. It’s a cost issue: custom blending of colors leads to additional expense. The problem is, these colors might not look like your natural gums. That will cause your dentures to stand out and look unnatural.

By precisely mixing a custom color for your dentures, quality dentures can be made to be almost indistinguishable from your natural gum tissue, and match nicely with your tongue, lips, and cheeks.

Just as important as the color is the luster of dentures. Cheap dentures just look like plastic. FOY® Dentures are made with layering that gives them translucency like natural gum tissues. They won’t look plastic–they’ll look real.

Individualized Contouring

Just as with your teeth, your gums have a personal character. And when we’re crafting your dentures, we’ll make sure to recreate that effect. Some natural principles will govern the overall character of your gum line, but there will also be tiny, unique deviations that ensure no one has dentures like yours.

All Details Are Considered

When it comes to making sure your dentures are attractive, you can be sure that a FOY® Dentures dentist won’t neglect any details. You’ll get attractive dentures that not only look good when you smile–they will support your face so that you look attractive–and younger–even when you’re not smiling.

To learn more about the results you could see, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.