There are many stories about people who are unsatisfied with dentures. Maybe they don’t fit well. Or perhaps they don’t let a person chew very well. Maybe the complaint is just that they look fake.

Often in these cases, a dentist will just shrug their shoulders and say it isn’t their fault. The person started with too high expectations for their dentures. After all, dentures aren’t teeth. We shouldn’t expect them to be like teeth.

There is some truth to this: when you get dentures, you do have to temper your expectations. However, what expectations are proper depends on what kind of dentures you’re getting. Here are some basic outlines of what you can expect from different types of denture.

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Cheap Dentures

When you buy cheap dentures (or any synonym for that), you have to understand that you need to lower your expectations quite a bit.

With economy dentures, they will fit in your mouth, though perhaps not particularly well. With limited sizes available for cheap dentures, if you’re unlucky you may be stuck with very bulky dentures.

These dentures will likely be uncomfortable, even painful to wear. They’ll often slip out of place. You will require frequent relines. They may not look very realistic, just being made of two types of plastic: white and pink or brown. The teeth will look just like all other dentures made by the same company. These dentures can age your appearance rapidly.

You probably won’t be able to eat much with these dentures. Probably soft foods will be possible, but anything that requires much biting and chewing will be a problem. In fact, many people with cheap dentures prefer to eat without them.

Don’t be surprised if these dentures need to be replaced after a few years.

Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures are a step up in quality. They probably fit into your mouth well, because they’re actually designed for you, not just taken off the rack in premade sizes. When you first get these dentures, they should be reasonably comfortable for wear all day, at first. Over time, these dentures will likely get less comfortable. They should also stay put pretty well.

These dentures will likely look more attractive. You can likely customize them somewhat, and people may not immediately pick them out as dentures. These dentures will still make you look older.

These dentures should stay in place most of the time. They should only come out of place if they get dislodged by inappropriate biting or chewing, or particularly exuberant shouting, laughing, or sneezing. These dentures shouldn’t need to be relined as often, though it could still be multiple times a year.

You’ll be able to eat most foods with your dentures, but you’ll have to cut everything up into small pieces before putting it in your mouth. You’ll also have to take longer chewing.

These dentures will last longer than cheap dentures, but probably not more than five or six years.

Implant Dentures

Implant dentures will improve many aspects of  your dentures. implants will help your dentures stay in place. They shouldn’t randomly come out, no matter how hard you laugh or yell. If they’re removable, they should only come out when you take them out, or under rare circumstances where your mouth gets bumped or hit. Fixed implant dentures should only come out at the dentist’s office.

Implant dentures should allow you to eat most if not all of the foods you enjoyed before, if they’re implant-supported. Implant-supported dentures also shouldn’t put any pressure on your gums, so they should be very comfortable.

Implant-retained dentures can still put pressure on your gums and might be uncomfortable from time to time. You should be able to eat most foods you at before.

These dentures can have a wide range of appearance and durability. Well-made implant dentures should look perfectly natural, and may last 30 years or more.

The Denture Fountain of Youth®

The Denture Fountain of Youth can be made as implant dentures, so you can expect all of the above, but with the highest quality in terms of appearance. FOY ® Dentures are made to look very natural. Most people shouldn’t be able to tell you have dentures. You’ll probably be enjoying the best smile of your life.

In addition, FOY ® Dentures fit superbly. They are not only comfortable for your gums, but also for your jaw, and can help alleviate some TMJ symptoms.

But what you can expect from FOY ® Dentures that other types of dentures can’t give: they can rejuvenate your facial appearance. You can look years younger with FOY ® Dentures than with other types of dentures.

Demand More from Your Dentures

If you are considering dentures, maybe you shouldn’t focus on lowering your expectations. Instead, you should focus on getting dentures that live up to your expectations. If you are looking for quality dentures, you should contact a local FOY ® Dentures Dentist.