With all the people that have upgraded their dentures to FOY® Dentures, we keep hearing three reasons why they want them: the look, the fit, and being able to chew better.

The Look

mature adult woman smiling with teethTraditional dentures are often made with cheap materials that look fake. However FOY® Dentures are made with the best materials using the latest principles in cosmetic dentistry. This means they Dentures That Don’t Look Fake. Many people have the best smile of their lives with FOY® Dentures.

People with dentures often have a certain sunken-faced look. That’s because traditional dentures make a couple of very big mistakes. Traditional dentures are often unstable (see below), so dentists put the teeth directly over the ridge of bone in your jaw. The problem is that this ridge tends to move backward with jawbone resorption. This means that your teeth move backward from their natural position and give you a sunken appearance.

Most dentures are also not tall enough to replace the full height of your natural teeth. Instead, they are too short. This means that you have excess skin and cheek tissue around the mouth area that folds in and increases the sunken appearance.

Because FOY® Dentures have improved stability and better fit, they can put the teeth further out in a more natural position, which eliminates most of the sunken look. And because FOY® Dentures are made tall enough to match your youthful teeth dimensions, you also have less of a sunken appearance.

The Fit

It’s a complaint we hear all the time: I hate the way my dentures fit. Traditional dentures often fit very poorly, especially on the bottom. Traditional dentures rely entirely on suction to hold them in place. This works best on the top where the roof of the mouth gives a wide area to produce more suction. On the bottom, though, there is less surface area because dentures have to make room for the tongue. Ideally, the lower denture should get additional stability from somewhere.

The FOY® Dentures approach improves their fit. They are designed using neuromuscular dentistry principles that take into account the shape and movement of your jaw muscles. This allows these muscles can help give the denture improved fit. This applies to all three types of denture fit: retention, stability, and support. As a result, they’re not only are they more stable, but they’re more comfortable as well.

Improved Chewing

Another complaint we hear all the time is that people are unhappy with all the foods they can no longer eat with their dentures. That’s because their dentures are inefficient at chewing. People give up steak, corn on the cob, apples, and more.

But with the improved stability of FOY® Dentures people are happy to see how much more they can eat than they could with their other dentures. We get many thank-you notes from people who are happy to be able to eat a full range of food again with their dentures.

FOY® Dentures are a leap forward in denture technology, and these are just a few of the benefits they offer. Want to learn how they could benefit you? Contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.