If you’re unhappy with your dentures, you have probably been considering replacing them with better dentures that will make you happier. But sometimes it’s a long way from consideration to plan to achieving your goals, and this is probably not the first year you’ve been thinking about making the switch. But if it isn’t, here are five reasons to finally go ahead and get the better dentures you’ve been considering.

senior man being handed an apple


You know that when you wear your dentures, you look much older than you want to look, much older than you feel. Sunken lips, collapsed cheeks, turkey neck, and more may be related to your dentures.

And then there’s the appearance of the dentures themselves. It can be hard to let yourself smile knowing that when you do people will see your fake looking plastic teeth and gums.

Do you really want to spend another year being so uncomfortable about your appearance, and knowing that the Denture Fountain of Youth® could help you look so much younger and more attractive?


If your current dentures aren’t allowing you to eat all the foods you used to eat, there’s a good chance you’re not eating a balanced, healthy diet. Without the ability to eat raw fruits and vegetables, or the ability to eat meat that aren’t heavily processed, your diet is limited to preprepared foods that are often high in added fats, salt, and sugar. If you’re not losing dangerous amounts of weight because you’re just not interested in food anymore, you’re probably gaining an unhealthy amount of weight while still not getting the nutrition you need to stay healthy.

But there are dentures that can help you eat all the foods you used to enjoy–and let you enjoy them the way you used to, too. Even steak!

Bone Loss

Without teeth to stimulate your jawbone, your body has been removing material from it. But your dentures might not be helping, either. Poorly fitted dentures can actually accelerate bone loss because they put excessive pressure on your bones.

But with implant dentures, you can slow or even stop bone loss. This won’t just maintain support for your dental implants, it will help support your lips, cheeks, chin, and more, helping you to look younger.

Active Lifestyle

You might not think that your dentures have anything to do with your ability to maintain an active lifestyle, but the truth is that your jaw is an essential stabilizer for your body. Studies have shown that older people with no dentures or poorly fitting dentures walk slower and are more likely to fall than those with properly fitting dentures.

The Denture Fountain of Youth® was designed using neuromuscular principles, which emphasize the relationship between your jaw and the rest of your skeletomuscular system. They are designed to create a healthy bite that is supportive of an active life.

If Not Now, when?

But one of the best reasons to stop putting off getting your new dentures is that if you put it off for another year, it’s possible that you’ll never actually do it. And then you would live your life never getting the opportunity to enjoy the experience of having truly great, truly handcrafted dentures.

If you are interested in finally getting better dentures, please contact a local Denture Fountain of Youth® dentist today for an appointment.