Dr. Rod Strickland is the inventor of FOY® Dentures. His diverse education includes molecular biology and genetics, and he has always been dedicated to stretching the limits of what dental technology can provide for patients. He is licensed to practice dentistry in three states, Georgia, Indiana, and South Carolina.

Inventor, Educator, Dentist

From 2007 to 2009, Dr. Strickland invented FOY® Dentures at his office in Savannah to overcome his frustrations with the traditional denture procedure. Poorly fitting Dentures meant not only bad service for his patients, but also an unprofitable dental procedure. Utilizing the insights of aesthetic and neuromuscular dentistry, he spent more than a year in developing the unique Denture Fountain of Youth® procedure, which utilizes neuromuscular dentistry tools and technology to ensure a proper fit and function. Denture Fountain of Youth® is a patented procedure.

Dr. Strickland has now taught the Denture Fountain of Youth® procedure to hundreds of dentists. This is not his first experience in training dentists. For more than 10 years he held a volunteer position as Faculty-Practitioner for the Indiana University School of Dentistry. In addition, he has written extensively and offered many interviews on the benefits of FOY® Dentures from the perspective of a dental practice and for patients.

Dr. Strickland has been practicing dentistry for about 20 years, and he is happy to continue pursuing his passion for excellence in the field.

In addition to investing in the Denture Fountain of Youth®, Dr. Strickland also co-invented CeraSmile® with Bob Clark. CeraSmile® is an innovative implant bridge that uses a refined FOY Dentures concept to deliver an implant bridge that achieves outstanding function, appearance, and durability while helping patients preserve their natural bone and facial structure.

Award-Winning Dentistry Based on Extensive Education

Dr. Strickland received his DDS from the Indiana University School of Dentistry, and since then he has continued to refine his dental education. He has pursued education in both neuromuscular and aesthetic dentistry from the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. Even before his dental background, he showed a high level of aptitude. He was selected to participate in molecular genetics research as an undergraduate, resulting in co-authored publication in the prestigious journal Science. He finished his undergraduate coursework in just three years.

In the first-ever “Dental Design Competition” sponsored by Dental Economics (2000), Dr. Rod Strickland was declared the overall winner, as well as receiving first place in the office design and high-technology integration categories.

Ongoing Affiliations

Dr. Strickland maintains active membership in many dental organizations, including:

He is also a family man. He is married and has 4 children.