FOY® Dentures have the ability to make a huge difference in people’s lives. And you don’t have to take our word for it, you can hear it from the people who have benefited from them.

For example, Mary Claghorn received her FOY® Dentures from Philadelphia-area dentist Dr. Ken Siegel.

Deciding on FOY® Dentures

Philadelphia Denture Dentist, Dr. Ken Siegel

Philadelphia Denture Dentist, Dr. Ken Siegel

Ms. Claghorn knew she needed help. She says, “My mouth was in terrible shape,my health was at risk, and I knew that something had to be done. After extensive research, i decided upon the FOY® Dentures.” She looked around for dentists offering the procedure and was delighted to learn that Dr. Siegel, whom she describes as “a talented cosmetic dentist” offered the procedure near her home.

She has a vivid memory of her first visit with Dr. Siegel. She says, “I  remember on my first visit, Dr. Siegel said to me, “Mary, it is usually my job to try to save peoples’ teeth, BUT in your case ~ the FOY® Dentures  are the right choice for you !!”

A Comfortable Procedure

Ms. Claghorn has extensive praise for Dr. Siegel and his staff. She says they “are wonderful !!” She says that the staff helped her feel at ease: “They explained the procedure to me completely and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process.” She also added, “Special
thanks to Dr. Siegel, Missy (Dr. Siegel’s assistant) and the rest of the Staff for being so caring and professional throughout the entire process.” Of course, feeling mentally comfortable and at ease with the procedure is an essential part of having a pleasant FOY® Dentures process, but it’s not all that people are looking for.

Ms. Claghorn also says she was physically comfortable throughout the procedure as well. “Thanks to Dr. Siegel’s expertise,” shes says, “I was never in any pain (which was a concern
for me) ~ except for a short period of mild discomfort when my teeth were pulled.” Many people put off getting dentures because they do not like the thought of tooth extraction. But, as Ms. Claghorn says, the discomfort from extraction can be mild and doesn’t last long.

Amazing Results

FOY® Dentures testimonial photosMs. Claghorn says of her FOY® Dentures, “I am extraordinarily pleased with my FOY® Dentures.” And she notes that anyone can see their quality: “The results speak for themselves !! I now have a healthy bright smile that I am proud to share !!”

And you can see the results and judge them for yourself.

If you are looking for similar results from your dentures, please contact a local FOY® Dentures dentist today.