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Dr. Scott Rice

Dr. Scott Rice

Dr. Scott Rice is an Irvine denture dentist who has been practicing in and around Orange County since 1987. He regularly serves patients from across Southern California, the United States, and the world. In addition to his experience, Dr. Rice benefits from a wide array of advanced training. He has not only trained as a Denture Fountain of Youth® dentist, but has also received training in dental implants from the Kois Center, TMJ treatment from the Las Vegas institute for Advanced Dental Studies, advanced cosmetic dentistry from the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum, sedation dentistry from the Dental Organization of Conscious Sedation, and sleep apnea treatment from the University of Southern California.

He is the only denture dentist in Irvine–or Orange County–to be awarded the title of Mentor by the Kois Center. The combination of his long experience, extensive and varied training, and his native talent allow Irvine denture dentist Dr. Rice to deliver excellent dentistry to patients seeking all kinds of treatments. In addition to FOY® Dentures, Dr. Rice offers dental implants, and other types of restorative and general dentistry. He invites patients coming to his practice to make it their new dental home. Patients benefit from having a long-term relationship with their denture dentist, who can deliver better care because he knows more about his patients and is able to ensure they receive quality dental care in every procedure.

In addition to Dr. Scott Rice, Rice Dentistry patients are served by his son, Dr. Taylor Rice, and visiting periodontist Dr. Nicolas Ravon, who bring an even more diverse array of training and experience to ensure patients always receive the best possible care.

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Q & A With Dr. Rice

Why did you decide to start offering FOY® Dentures at your dental practice?

Most dentists have stopped focusing on dentures. Over the past 10 years, the quality of the dentures I see has continuously gone downhill. I hear it all the time at dental meetings – “I hate doing dentures”, or “I never seem to get a good result with dentures, so I find no joy in doing them” I didn’t want to listen to that anymore. People still need dentures, and as denture dentists it’s our responsibility to make sure we do them right.

I decided I wanted to make sure I could provide the most advanced, cosmetic and functional dentures possible. I searched out and learned many techniques, including the FOY® Dentures approach. With the FOY® Dentures approach, I have been able to raise the bar on the quality of dentures I provide. I love it when I see my patients go through a transformation to a much younger appearance.

How is being a denture dentist different with the advent of FOY® Dentures?
Having the experience of a number of FOY® Dentures dentists working together to continuously improve the procedure is wonderful. Having a special proprietary laboratory that creates the FOY® Dentures is also invaluable. And, of course, it’s nicer to be a denture dentist when your patients are happier with their results.

What is the most common complaint about economy dentures that you hear as as denture dentist?
The most common complaint I get about economy dentures is about appearance. Denture dentists making economy dentures don’t care how they look. But a close second is the inability to chew because the dentures don’t fit right and are worn out.

What advice would you give to a patient who is considering FOY® Dentures versus traditional dentures?

Find a denture dentist who offers FOY® Dentures. They are truly a great value. Every single day you are living your life with the teeth that are in your mouth. Quality of life is about enjoying the wonderful social things such as eating a nice meal with friends, attending a wedding and smiling big for the pictures, sharing a big smile with a person you meet for the first time. Some people don’t feel good about investing in themselves. They feel guilty. I have denture patients that say things like “I’m old and it doesn’t really matter how I look” Or “I’ve always had these old dentures, I don’t need to get anything better” However, I know they and their family will be overjoyed with the more youthful, vibrant and vital appearance that happens when you give yourself a nonsurgical facelift by upgrading to a FOY® Dentures.

Expanding Denture Options in Irvine, California

For hundreds of years, people have accepted dentures as being at least marginally better than the alternative of having no teeth. Dentures allowed you to smile, talk reasonably well, and chew somewhat.

But they came with limitations. Dentures tended to fit poorly, being inclined to slip often, and they pinched and caused painful sores. They didn’t do anything to slow the loss of jawbone, and in many cases they actually accelerated it. And you acquired the look of someone with dentures. A loss of facial height contributed to sagging jowls and folding skin around the mouth. Teeth that tended to be set back for denture stability gave the face a sunken-in, hollow appearance.

Dental implants could be used with dentures to correct some of the problems—they prevented slipping, denture pain, and sores—but in many cases people still had an aged appearance.

FOY® Dentures solve all the problems of traditional dentures. Not only do they give improved fit and security, allowing you to talk, smile, and chew with greater confidence, but they also restore the face to its proper height and restore volume to the mouth, reducing jowls, facial folds, and, most of all, the sunken appearance of the mouth.

In other words, FOY® Dentures are the first dentures that are designed to let people with dentures look like they’re not wearing dentures.

Because of their innovative approach, Dr. Rice is happy to be able to introduce these dentures to the people of Irvine, California. Southern California is world famous for having some of the most beautiful people in the world, and that should include its denture wearers, too.