Consumer health protections are noticeably more lax in China than in the US. Even as the country is angling to transition to a more modern, consumer-based economy, people often suffer serious consequences because of the lack of oversight into the activities of manufacturers. Although some Chinese products are found to run afoul of US safety standards when they reach us, it’s more often the Chinese themselves who have to deal with the adverse effects.

As is the case for the newly released evidence that Chinese denture manufacturers are using scrap steel to make their dentures.

tool molding a set of dentures

Toxic Traces

The manufacturing problem was exposed in an investigative documentary program on China Central TV, which focused on Cidu Zhongcheng Medical Supply Company. Employees readily confessed to using scrap steel, which was delivered in packages marked “Vera PDS,” but lacked any markings in Chinese. Vera PDS is a high-grade cobalt-chromium alloy that is used to manufacture partial denture frameworks. The metal has a long and excellent track record as a denture material that is strong and corrosion resistant.

Scrap steel, on the other hand, has an irregular composition and may have traces of toxic materials. Dentures made with this type of material are more likely to corrode and leach the metals into the mouth. They may also not be strong enough to make durable clasps, leading to more denture failures.

Cidu Zhongcheng was also shown to perform dubious cleaning procedures on their finished dentures. Employees claim that they brought in used toothbrushes from home and cleaned the finished dentures with them.

The manufacturing shortcuts were not limited to one manufacturer. Although the bulk of the exposé focused on Cidu Zhongcheng, Beijing Beikou Dental Lab was also named as taking a similar approach.

All Economy Dentures Cut Corners

Although in the US we have greater safeguards, it’s important to note that all economy dentures cut corners in one place or another. That’s how they keep their costs low. Whether it’s in the manufacturing process, the materials used, the fitting, the dentist’s time, or the dentist’s training, lower denture costs come from some point in the process where dentists or labs make certain choices about their approach to making dentures. And these choices have real consequences for the quality of dentures you receive.

If you are looking for the best denture results, you have to also make choices about your dentures that will affect the cost of your dentures. FOY Dentures® are designed to be the highest quality dentures available, with superb fit and excellent materials. They may cost more, but that’s related to never cutting any corners in our process. You will receive dentures designed and manufactured to today’s highest standards.

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