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  • Patient’s aren’t happy with their dentures
  • Offering the same dentures as other dentists
  • No patient referrals for dentures
  • Fewer before and after pictures
  • Fewer testimonials

After FOY® Dentures Course

  • Patients love their dentures
  • Standing apart from other dentists
  • More patient referrals
  • More before and after photos
  • More 5 star reviews

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What is FOY®?

FOY (Fountain of Youth) Dentures® is a new technique that makes the process of denture making easy and predictable.

Dr. Rod Strickland was fed up with traditional methods of making dentures. It was time-consuming and all too often left results that were less than his expectations. Out of this frustration, he developed a new technique for dentures. He coined the term Denture Fountain of Youth®, and ever since they’ve been taking the country by storm.

Dentists worldwide have traveled to Savannah to take the course or have taken the online course. Join dentists around the world offering FOY® Dentures by signing up for the course today.

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Course Tuition

$2995 per Doctor | Financing options available through Lending Club, click here to learn more.

Tuition Includes

  • Understand the current state of the denture market
  • Learn what creates that “Denture Look” & how to avoid it
  • Extremely detailed step-by-step instruction on the Denture Fountain of Youth® technique
  • Learn how to market and re-educate the public about how beautiful dentures can be
  • See how Dr. Strickland talks with patients and educates them about the Denture Fountain of Youth®
  • Rights to use the names Denture Fountain of Youth® and FOY® Dentures
  • Actual clinical footage of the process
  • Your first “Before and After” of one of Dr. Strickland’s patients to use in your advertisements
  • Access to an email forum of dentists who use this technique
  • Opportunity to receive 10 hours of Continued Education upon course completion and passing a short quiz
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Myotronics J5 Dental TENS Special!

Myotronics is offering FOY customers special pricing on their J5 Dental TENS unit. The J5 is used during the FOY® Dentures process, so if you don't have one in your office, or need an additional unit, take advantage of this generous offer now!
Dr. Rod Strickland

New Technique For an Old Procedure

After many successes and failures with the most mundane procedure in any dental practice, Dr. Rod Strickland has discovered how to make a profit on dentures while also thrilling patients with a non-surgical facelift. Now, you can design natural-looking dentures using neuromuscular technology. Restoring the jawline will not only give the patient back years, but it will also restore confidence and create an uplifting experience they will share with friends and family. Learn to create beauty by performing a “Denture Fountain of Youth® Procedure.”

Dr. Strickland is proud to announce that the FOY® Dentures Course is now online! Register using the form on this page to purchase the course. Once you have purchased the online course, your active license allows you to view it at any time in the future. You can log in from anywhere, anytime, and access the videos, materials, and any other information you need to provide the Denture Fountain of Youth® to your patients! So, if you want to brush up on your skills down the road, simply log in and review or re-watch anything you need. Additionally, when you purchase the course, you are eligible for 10 hours of continued education upon course completion and a short quiz. See the Continued Education page or call (855) 800-3369 for more details.

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FOY® Dentures Testimonials

FOY Denture dentist, Dr Adam Hahn

“My monthly denture production has jumped 263%! Your course has had the quickest and largest affect on my monthly collections of any CE course I have taken since graduating from dental school.”

Dr. Adam Hahn

Columbia, SC

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