As you grow older, you might find that you look older than other people your age. After age 25, your body begins to show all types of signs of aging like physical changes such as wrinkles and gray or white hair as well as body aches. If you’re searching for ways to shave years off your appearance, you’re in luck. We’ve got seven helpful tips to look younger.

1. Sleep More

Our first tip is probably the easiest one to implement in your life. All you need to do to look younger is sleep more. Why do you think they call it beauty sleep? If you’re not sleeping seven to nine hours every night, your body doesn’t have enough time to restore itself. During sleep, your body goes through tissue repair and produces collagen. If you’re not sleeping enough, it can cause wrinkles, eye bags, and dark circles to appear. By sleeping more, you will feel more energized and look years younger! No more starting your day with creams under your eyes.

mature woman showing off her smile

2. Exercise Regularly

Another way you can reduce signs of aging from your appearance is by incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine. By exercising for the recommended 150 minutes of moderate activity per week and incorporating both strength training as well as cardio, it can reduce stress, prevent sagging muscles, give you more energy, improve energy, and help you maintain a healthy weight. Taking just a ten-minute walk per day can help reduce your chance of Alzheimer’s by 40%. Whatever you do, make regular exercise part of your routine.

3. Dye Your Hair

This one might be obvious, but hiding or reducing the appearance of grey or white hair can help you look younger. It’s important to not dye your hair too dark or too light or it can cause your face to look washed out and make you look even older. Stick with colors similar to your natural color (before it went grey). This will complement your complexion the most.

4. Reduce Your Stress Levels

With age, hopefully, you’ve learned how to live a stress-free life or at least manage stress in a healthy way. If not, you’re likely dealing with high-stress levels and the age effects that come with it. Studies suggest that blood pressure, adrenaline, and cortisol levels can expedite the body’s aging process in addition to causing serious health problems.

If you want to shave years off your appearance, you need to reduce and manage the stress in your life better. Instead of taking a vacation and experiencing stress relief for a week or two, consider writing down everything in your life that causes you stress. Then in the next column, write down solutions that can reduce this stress. Start taking these actions and watch the stress in your life minimize and your appearance look younger.

5. Change Your Wardrobe

Another easy way to shave years off your appearance is by updating your wardrobe. Maybe you’re wearing clothes that are too big for your body type or clothes that are too small. Perhaps you’re also choosing comfort over fashion. Not dressing well can make you look years older than your biological age. Browse through magazines or online for the latest styles for your age range. It’s important to not dress too young or too old for your age. You can even visit a store and ask one of the retail associates for help.

6. Drink More Water

Looking younger is actually easy if you just drink more water. You should drink at least 64 ounces of water per day and more if you do rigorous exercise and sweat a lot. Water is essential for keeping your skin hydrated. When you don’t drink enough water, your skin can look dry, flaky, and tight. It’s also more prone to wrinkling. Simply increasing your water intake can help you look younger and your skin more radiant. Your skin and whole body will thank you!

7. Upgrade Your Dentures

The last way you can look years younger is by upgrading your dentures to The Denture Fountain of Youth®. FOY® Dentures are a new type of dentures that utilize neuromuscular principles to provide facelift-like results without surgery. When you lose your natural teeth, it’s normal for jawbone deterioration to occur. When the jawbone deteriorates, it is no longer there to support your facial features. As a result, the lower third of your face will start to show signs of aging like wrinkles around the mouth, sagging and loose skin under the chin and on the neck, flatter cheekbones, and thinner lips.

With FOY® Dentures, you can regain the support your facial features need and get a brand new smile. We custom design each set of FOY® Dentures to fit your specific needs. The denture rests partially on the muscles instead of just on the gums. With Fountain of Youth Dentures®, you will get a better-looking, better functioning set of replacement teeth and a younger appearance! Some patients look ten years younger after getting FOY® Dentures.

If you would like to shave years off your appearance, find a FOY® Dentures dentist near you today.